Angela Lansbury Hints At Return Of 'Muder, She Wrote'...

Among Angela Lansbury's many memorable acting credits, her starring role as Jessica Fletcher on the hit mystery/drama series Murder, She Wrote, remains a fan favorite

Speaking to The Sunday Post, Lansbury recently said of the beloved series:

“It was first seen on television in September, 1984, with a two-hour pilot and it was an immediate success.

“I was amazed at how successful it was. I never believed it would run for 12 years.”

Recalling the pressure of being the lead in a popular, long-running series, she continued:

“I would not want to take anything away from Murder, She Wrote but when you are the principal in something like that you have to work incredibly hard to help keep it fresh. My life totally revolved around it. There was hardly any time off and certainly no time or energy for doing anything else.”

Over the years we've had a few Murder, She Wrote TV movies to keep us from falling to deeply into withdrawl. 

Sadly, though. The last installment came out more than ten years ago, in 2003.

But on that note, Lansbury hinted that we might have one more chance to visit Cabot Cove, in the near future.

“I was in genuine tears doing my last scene.

 “Jessica Fletcher had become so much a part of my life, it was difficult to come to terms with it being all over. Having said that, there have been some two-hour specials since we stopped in 1996 and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got together just one more time.”


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Good for Lansbury. I saw her in Blithe Spirit on Broadway and she was delightful. She's 91 and wants to do Jessica Fletcher again?  Fantastic!!!

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