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Angelina Jolie Looks Stunning As 'Maleficent' For Film's First Poster

Updated Wednesday, 7:45 a.m. PST

Fresh off of yesterday's first poster, check out the first trailer for Disney's Maleficicent!!

Does Angelina pass or fail?


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As expected, Angie's giving us everything as the iconic Disney villainess!

Look for Maleficent on May 30, 2014 and see the classic Sleeping Beauty tale from Maleficent's point-of-view. 

We think she's just misunderstood, no?


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They couldn't have picked a better actress! Maleficent was my favorite character in Sleeping Beauty, and I'm looking forward to seeing the story from her perspective with such an amazing actress at the helm!

"Then you'll be afraid." Lol. Then wickedly beautiful evil villain comes out of the blackness. Lol. She can't be ugly even playing an ugly character. Lol. Love her!!! This is my favorite Disney tale. Can't wait! Go Angelina!!!! Go!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE ME SOME ANGELINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was the BEST choice for this role!!!  A fierce villianess she will be!!!  GAWD YES!!!  I am so excited to see this story on the screen!!!!!  

Pretty dark for a Disney poster

What a great picture. I wish the film well


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