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Angelina Jolie Wants Drag Queens To Steal Her 'Maleficent' Look

Get to it, queens!

Queen Angelina has bestowed her blessing and she's all about drag queens appropriating her Maleficent look! (We're pretty sure Angie isn't first to the Maleficent costume party, but considering how fierce she is in all those trailers, we're happy to say she owns it).

See what she has to say:

Shanté, you stay, Maleficent!!


(H/T: Towleroad)


Tired, old actress desperately attempting the fan base of the tired old queens.

Drags and trannies have absolutely NO self worth.

And by the way, the correct spelling is Chanté, You stay.

Jay Davis she mean her been you idiot.

Well well....Faux needs to take some "Bitch Be Gone" pills.  This is meant to be fun....idiot!

Malificent has always Been my favorite Disney villain and I'm HUGE Angelina fan. Xoxoxo Che MF Lucci

Funny Maleficent would say that. Aren't those Gaga's cheeks she has on?

Kourtney Paige Van Wales has answered that call. She looks amazing. 

Think you meant, "Shanté you stay"? :)

but did you look half as magnificent as Angelina ?

I wish.  I would have looked like a ghost in all that white body paint

I did drag for the first time two years ago and went to a party as Malificent. are two years late on that report.

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