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Ann Coulter Defends Alec Baldwin

When Ann Coulter steps in to defend you, it's undebatable that you've done something vile. 

Alec Baldwin, who is lying low after possibly calling a photographer a "cocksucking fag," trotting out his gay hairdresser to "prove" he's not a homophobe and being suspended by MSNBC, is now receiving support from Ann Coulter. 

"They shouldn't have suspended him. In defense of Alec Baldwin, the photographer, he's not actually gay," Ann said on right wing radio Monday. "This was just a curse word. It was like using the f-word and, frankly, a lot of these paparazzi photographers deserve it. It's not something Alec Baldwin said in a calm moment on television. He has been harassed horribly by photographers and now this stalker, and he's trying to protect his family and he curses. That is what happened."

What do you think of Ann's mounted defense of Alec?



I call BULLSHIT!!! 

There are words that are just wrong no matter who uses them and/or who they are directed towards. 

So, it's okay for me to call Alec Baldwin a Momma Loving N****ER? What's the difference?

The two of them are hypocrites!

Oh, so its okay to call someone a cock sucking fag when you're really mad at them.  Personally I  can't imagine myself putting any weight at all on anything that comes from that tiny little brain of hers. 

She's a cretin.

Her attitude harasses me, so it's clearly okay for me to call her a right wing c**t!!

The fact that she thinks it is okay to be used as a curse word makes me want to slap her

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