Ann Coulter: Trump Doesn't Lie, He's A "B.S.-er"

Ann Coulter stopped by The View and she wanted to make sure viewers knew that debate Donald Trump's numerous spoken "untruths" the President isn't a liar, he's just a "B.S.-er."

Okay. Watch:

From Entertainment Weekly:

It all began when co-host Joy Behar highlighted Trump’s tendency to accuse news organizations of being fake. “He isn’t attacking the media. He’s attacking the fake media,” Coulter said. “There are so many lies about him.”

After Whoopi Goldberg pressed her, Coulter replied, “He doesn’t lie — he’s a B.S.-er. He’s an exaggerator.”

Coulter noted this exception, though: “He lied one time, and I’m not going to tell you when. It was recently.”

The conservative pundit also attempted to explain Trump’s communication style. “It’s like when he says, ‘Everyone’s rated this golf course the greatest golf course in the entire world,’ okay, the audience doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it. He knows they don’t believe it. But everyone feels nice. That’s what he does… but he doesn’t lie. Hillary [Clinton] lies.”




I agree with Ann Coulter when she says he is full of bll#%^+ and that he exaggerates, but we are talking about the President of the United States and it is unacceptable. His exaggerations and comments at best strain credibility, at worse puts the country at risk. 

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