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Anna Paquin Talks Bisexuality & Defends Marriage Equality On 'Larry King Now'

​Trust us, we get it, Anna. Larry might be a bit out of touch on this subject, but Anna graciously enlightens him.

True Blood star Anna Paquin discussed her own bisexuality and defended marriage equality during her interview with Larry King on Larry King Now

It's a good interview for True Blood fans--but skip to about 11 minutes in for the bisexuality/marriage equality talk:

Thoughts, Instincters?​'


Sexuality is about what functions to stimulate and satisfy the reproductive organs. Why there is so much talk and emotion around them speaks volumes about how overly controlled USA citizens feel we must be in order to be socially acceptable or possibly ignored. What might help USAzens is less emphasis on the extremes of morality and ethics around sexual organs and their satisfaction and replacing that christening knuckles as the new forbidden zone for fascination.


Video only available in the US??? 

Huh? :C

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