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Anne Hathaway Confirmed To Play Judy Garland

It looks like Anne Hathaway will have to squeeze into more than Judy Garland's ruby red slippers! The Oscar winner is apparently set to play the superstar LGBT icon in a biopic, as confirmed by Harvey Weinstein himself.

The Huffington Post reports:

Finally after several years of speculation, Harvey Weinstein himself has confirmed on The Howard Stern Show that filming will commence this summer with Anne in the lead. Though the movie is still officially listed as In Development on IMDB, he has said unequivocally he bought the source material and wants to see it filmed. 

In fact Weinstein confirmed this firm casting in the most recent interview saying "she sang beautifully for me and there is no need for her to audition and the part is her". In his words "there is no testing" where Hathaway is concerned.

And what does our dear Liza Minnelli, daughter of Judy, have to say about the casting choice? She tells Canada's Citytv:

"Well, I love Anne Hathaway. And I hope that it's a good movie and I hope that it's true. You know, that they don't just concentrate on the crap like they usually do."(I hope) that they talk about her the way she should be talked about which was she was a fabulous entertainer, a great mother and just a wonderful human being."

Hey, if Liza co-signs, we've gotta co-sign. Plus, Anne's defied expectations before! Remember when people expected her to flop as Catwoman??


Anne is better suited to play Liza than Judy. 

I absolutely loathe this decision. It is so insulting to imply her singing is good enough. It's not. She should be dubbed or replaced. This movie sounds lukewarm at best, not what Garland deserves.

Oh gawd, throw my body into a dull wood-chipper, then cover me with salt... Would probably be less painful than watching Hathaway attempt to ruin Garland for future generations.  

I see her doing an awesome job as Judy Garland.  I just hope the script is a good one and does Ms. Garland justice.

And so what if she is too tall?  Robert Conrad made The Wild Wild West an awesome series, and when they did the movie years later, Will Smith played the part.  I think we all noticed.  But, it wasn't a bad movie after all.

Anne Hathaway, I feel like she brings a bit of sarcasm to her roles but she is talented none the less and I think she will rock her role as judy.

the only problem I see is that Miss Hathaway is about a foot too tall

oh i love this choice and i so hope Liza's wishes are granted....Judy was fabulous but so much is concentrated on her addicitons.....hell who isn't these days? so just focus on the talent and the mother that gave birth to another great entertainer.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no

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