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Anne Rice Shuts Down Christian Homophobia On Facebook

Anne Rice is over it, you guys.

After the celebrated horror author praised Ellen Page for coming out of the closet on her Facebook fan page, a slew of homophobic commenters chimed in with disgust because THE BIBLE. 

Anne, mother of openly gay author Christopher Rice, decided to shut it all down. 

Our post commending actress Ellen Page for her courage in coming out as gay attracted a lot of hostility and hate and hate speech --- as well as positive and substantive comments. I have banned many from the page today. I will no longer tolerate hate speech in the guise of Christian belief with the usual irresponsible pick and choose bible quotes and talk of "sin" and hellfire. I have had enough of it, and I think the world has had enough of it too. Again, I commend Ellen Page for her bravery in coming out. I hope more celebrities and public figures will be inspired to do so. Anyone who thinks this does not matter is deceiving himself or herself. It matters very much. Gay people in all walks of life suffer from bigotry, bias, superstition, and ignorance. Hats off to Ellen Page! (And please do NOT come here to tell us publicly that you "don't care." If you don't care, don't expect us to care that you don't care!).

And she didn't stop there!

When homophobic Christianists even started spewing hate on this post, Anne didn't back down. 

"I love the way you see people who don't like or agree with that lifestyle are always 'haters,'" wrote one user [sic]. "By that definition what do you think you are when you don't like what Christians believe. Total hypocrisey. Ms Rice I think you also are dabbling in some self deception."

"In my experience many Christians are extremely aggressive towards those they despise and seek to control and change," Anne replied. "They spend millions in America trying to interfere with a woman's right to choose and a gay person's civil rights. They are vocal and "in your face" with their hate of gays and other strong religious biases. If they would respect the rights and dignity of those who do not share their belief system, it would be better for everyone. But sadly, they don't. And when they bring hate speech to this page, I will delete and ban them."

"And the exact same thing can be said about gay activists," the user wrote [sic]. "I guess I'm just not convincesd that that what the choose to do in the bedroom translates into 'rights.' By the way how does Islam view gays?"

Anne responded triumphantly:

I don't think the aggression and hostility of Christians towards those they condemn can be compared in any way to gay rights activists. Gay rights activists don't spend millions trying to persecute and demonize others or oppress them in terms of civil rights. I hope you do some research on this topic. We have a serious problem in this country with aggressive Christians violating our separation of church and state, and campaigning to oppress women and gays, and sometimes children.

I think we are in a time in America when we must demand that all people claiming to be Christian take full moral responsibility for their belief system and the harm it has done historically and the harm it continues to do in our country. I see no reason to give Christians a pass on any of this.

That shut this particular homophobe up, but many others debated the Christian Fundamentalist War on Gays with Anne, and all of it is worth popping some popcorn and cuddling up with a tablet or laptop to spend your night reading. Check it out here.

What do you think of Anne's job handling the situation?




Anne's so full of hot air. Clearly, she's not been reading up on the very Christ she claims to follow. He said "go and SIN NO MORE." He didn't condone, celebrate or "commend" people on the "courage and bravery" it supposedly takes to make known that they're a member of a group it's currently "cool" to say one's a member of. 

There's no courage or bravery in a celebrity saying something to turn the cameras their way and attempt to keep themselves relevant and there's nothing to celebrate about a supposed follower of Christ who'd rather see them face the Lord on judgment day, having to explain their willingly sinning; what a frightful day that will be.

There's also nothing to celebrate about a supposed follower of Christ who's going to be right next to that person, getting the response of "I never knew you" because they aligned themselves with the ideals of someone more closely resembling the antichrist than the Bible's Jesus Christ. I know one's heartstrings are tugged when it's a family member who reveals that they're homosexual, but be warned, that will, in no way, ever change Matthew 10:37's saying, "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

No wonder the Lord said, "There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out" (Luke 13:28). The lukewarm are going to be in for quite the rude awakening for many, unfortunately.




















Six of one and  half-a-dozen of the other. Homosexuals  are  as  pushy, arrogant, intrusive  and  manipulative  as  godbotherers of any ilk.  The very perversion of the  word 'gay'  and  the  massive (expensive!)  campaign launched  to have it   generally  'accepted ' is a  case in point. is  the 'Gay Mardi Gras' in Sydney, which  closes  whole  streets and  vociferously  aims  at making 'non-believers'  feel as  though there's  'something wrong'  with them.

....and as  also is the  imposition (social AND official)  of  Political Correctness ~  which  spills out  way  beyond  anything to do  with   the  acceptance  of  homosexuality  or  human  rights. Such 'ripples' impinge  on MY  human  rights  and  free speech.  I  demand the  'right'  to   think and  say that homosexuality is a  gross perversion of nature and the filthiest of  personal activities  WITHOUT being  vilified  and labelled  as  a  "hater" (= "Dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards. Oxford) ~  which is  yet another perversion   of the  language. (According to  such PC  benchmarks Shakespeare  would be banned outright!)

My own  nature  and political philosophy  induce me to  embrace  anarchy: which  means  I  don't give a  stuff what  anybody  else  chooses  to  be or  do ~ and  claim the  absolute  (human)  right  to demand that I be  treated in the  same way.

But I  DO  resent  having that 'right'    forcibly impinged  upon  by  zealots  of  ANY denomination or  sect.

The reason I say anything herein is because it occurred to me this morning that I am a Bible believing Christian who has never attacked anyone for their beliefs nor lifestyle, yet, my faith is repeatedly under attack; that attack coming under the guise that I ("believers" in Jesus) am a bigot or hypocrite, or some other such derogatory word or phrase...I become more aware as the years pass that what Romans 2:1/2 say is true, 'those who point the finger are guilty of the same things' and we all point the finger

I fully believe one can be gay and a Christian and as one I feel hurt by both sides of this conversation, from those that use the Bible to condemn me as a child of God, to those on the other side that insult me and my intelligence by calling my faith a joke based on a book of fairy tales.  My husband and myself will continue to server God and love our fellow man and hope that people on both sides of this conversation can come to terms with each other.  It is possible.

Sorry for the double post

I fully believe one can be gay and a Christian and as one I feel hurt by both sides of this conversation, from those that use the Bible to condemn me as a child of God, to those on the other side that insult me and my intelligence by calling my faith a joke based on a book of fairy tales.  My husband and myself will continue to server God and love our fellow man and hope that people on both sides of this conversation can come to terms with each other.  It is possible.

The world need more people like Anne Rice, it would be better for it.

I had a bumper sticker on my car that stayed there until weather removed it.  I think it is appropriate in this discussion: "God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts."

The problem with that approach is that 'spiritual  fruits' (sic)   don't throw seeds, and  thereby  defeat   god's  whole  (and ONLY STATED) purpose in  creating the  heavens and the earth.

The  fruits in the  Garden of  Eden were  NOT 'spiritual'!  ;)

These right-wing nutters need to examine the Story of the Good Samaritan.  I'll set the tone for you. A lawyer asks Jesus how to get to heaven.  Jesus replies"Love God, Love your neighbour and Love yourself."  But the lawyer asks "Who is My Neighbour.?"   This is a question that we must all ask ourselves.  In other words how do I treat others?

Now, here is Jesus' response.  He tells a story where a man is beaten up my thieves and left to die.  He then introduces two religious sects.  The audience is certain that, since they know the Bible/Torah/Old Testament, they will act with justice and mercy to the beaten man.  Guess what? They walk by.  In other words, they are NOT putting the Scriptures into daily living.

Then, Jesus speaks of a Samaritan approaching.  The audience gasps.  In their mind, there is NO WAY that a 'dirty' unclean, Non-Jew" Samaritan will do anything.  If the 'shadow' of a Samaritan passed over the 'shadow' of a Jew (never mind touching the physical body) that Jew had to go to the Temple for priests to cleanse him.  Now, surprise!!!  The Samaritan puts the man on his donkey and pays an inn keeper to enable the man to get well.

Jesus asks the lawyer "Who was neighbour to the man?"  And the lawyer cannot even say the word "Samaritan."     What the right wing Christians cannot see is that they are making Samaritans out of homosexuals by their words and actions.

Anne Rice is so Amazing she is such a wonderful woman

I think Jesus Christ is amazing, man is just man, an amazing creation choosing  self centeredness as a way of life...not so amazing

Those who bring harm to others in the name of the Father are actually doing the work of the Adversary. They are no different than the Pharisees. They were called a "pit of vipers" by Jesus. It is not MY place to judge another by their appearance, their choices, or their lifestyle. That is up to God, and God alone.

I will not profess to have any great understanding of anything on this earth beyond my own heart. But this is what my heart tells me. I may not agree with the gay/lesbian/transgender lifestyle, but every person deserves to be treated with fairness and equality no matter what. I do not need to understand a same sex marriage in order to know that if such a marriage is allowed, then equal benefit should also be allowed. That is fair and equal. I do not even have to like that there is same sex marriage, but will defend the right of those who are in one to have the same opportunities as any other married couple.

It seems to me that this is America. In America maybe we need to dispense with so much information. Your rights should be defined by the fact you ARE American and NOT what race, color, religion, creed, or sexual orientation you are. We could make a dent in discrimination by dropping the categories, the labels, the titles. You are either a citizen or not. If you are a citizen you are entitled to all rights and if you are not, oh well.  We need as a nation to start being humans, not labels. We need to see persons, not colors or ethnic backgrounds. We need to see others without the prejudice of difference.

There are those who believe to the core that ex: homosexuality is abhorrent to God and those who engage in such practices, will burn in hell. Maybe, maybe not. That is for God to decide. As people, we are to LOVE one another. We are to hate the SIN, but LOVE the sinner. Who of us is without SIN? No one. The Christ came for all, Loves all, and died FOR ALL. No one is excluded in His invitation to accept the gift of Grace. It is there. All any SINNER, any ONE of us has to do is accept the invitation. That is a personal thing, not a group activity.

So while I may not understand much of anything, I do understand the Invitation, what we are to do and are not to do. And we are NOT to judge. If God is so Gracious to extend the Invitation to ALL, who am I to pass judgment on His invited guests?

Koodos for her balls to call out all Christians on their selectively choosing to either remember or forget the role Christianity played in giving Monarchs and populations Devine permission to engage in enslaving peoples of many nations (Africans, Carib & Arawak, first nations, etc) ghettos' in Rome for Jews, and its long history of holding fast to practice of "Some people are Better than others, so says our bible, thus, we must persecute the different of skin, tongue, belief, etc.. Truly a religion of and for Bigots at heart...!

who in the hell cares?

Frankly I  sick of both sides of this baseless social battle , the GLAAD/PFLAG crowd pushing the "agenda" and the wing nuts on the right spewing venom, I DO NOT want to know or DO i care what do do in your own bedroom and NO you can't have any of my taxes to support your friggin' Causes. ALSO Fred and his ilk, go blow yourself up. q

I agree...I don't want to know about anybody preference in the bedroom...I am weary of hearing about others sex lives...this is supposed to be shared with the person you love not the world....Love who you please...but all this celebration about people being gay...sounds like

1. You are special , "chosen ones"?

2. There is something wrong with you if you are not  gay?

3. If someone dares to complain.( at all) are attacked by the press..the Gay community over silence anyone who dares to disagree...whatever happened to it's ok to disagree..We are all different in our own ways...i am just tired of the trumpets..annoucements ..everyday...HEY GUYS....ANOTHER PERSON CAME OUT..Gay people have been around since the beginning of time...why the celebration...???? This is not news....

Wow!  You are an imbecile!  Clearly a straight person.  Make all of the adversity about being gay go away and then you won't have to hear about it anymore.  I believe YOU need to shut the fuck up until you buy yourself a clue.  But, I doubt you would know where to begin.

Remind me to pick up an Anne Rice novel.  I got rid of that homophobe Orson Scott Card and Ms. Rice is kinda fantastic.  I'll be glad when the world grants gays their dignity and turns its focus onto other issues like child brutality.  Anyone read the book 13:24 by M. Dolon Hickmon?  In the meantime, though, thanks, Anne.  You're awesome, possum.

Of course, Rice used to be an atheist.

We atheists, unlike her many hateful Christian fans, uniformly support gay rights, because we do not believe the Christian book of fairy tales and its claim that gays must die violently.

And our hearts aren't filled with hate, unlike all those Christians.

But I'm sure Rice is glad to be among "her people" again.

Unfortunately, antigay atheists do exist and wow are they messed up.

They're usually people who think EvoPsych is a real thing and are more often than not libertarians. If you want to be equal parts amused and depressed, try reading some of their arguments some time. 

For example, gays don't deserve to get married because it would eliminate the necessary connection between marriage and reproduction, so that women will decide that they don't have to get married to have children. Therefore, lower-status males who used to be able to count on women's biological clocks guaranteeing them access to sex through marriage will be out of luck so we have to ban gay marriage so these losers can get laid.

The projection was impossible to miss.

It seems the truth is that, on the whole, religious bigots hate and it doesn't much matter what or whom they hate, so long as they get their bellyful of slavering, sickening, repulsive hatred and vomit that hate all over anything and anyone they perceive as "not like them".

This nauseating obsession with what people do in the bedroom defines those who are driven by it, as unhealthy, ill-informed, spiteful and highly selective.  In fact they elect to ignore the fact that an overwhelming majority of heterosexuals practice the selfsame sexual activities in their own bedrooms... what is appalling is that so often they are NOT consensual and, even more alarmingly, often involve minors or people unable to give informed consent.

Shall we judge ALL heterosexuals by THOSE?  Thankfully people like Anne Rice somewhat redeem their Faith, pointing out how hate speech never characterised the word of Christ.

Congratulations Ms Rice, you may well be a true Christian!

I totally agree with her.  look no further than Kansas , with their desire to return to the bigotry of the past, to see just how far the good 'christians" will go in order to persecute, ostracize and deprive others of equal rights.  when their hate is exposed, then they claim "persecution". I grew up in one of those vile right wing churches and know just how far they'll go to oppress women and demonize even other christian sects that don't agree with them.  the only thing that thinly protects us is the separation of church and state.  if muslims were a majority here, then they'd be repealing their attempts to "protect their belief" by oppressing others in statute, poste haste.  so revoltingly hypoctitical....

Ann Rice is coming from the complete opposite direction. Instead of a small group who "gay bash", she is fuelling the group who "Christian bashes" I am a Christian and I'm against homosexuality. I don't hate gay people, and I try hard not to judge them. I'm a sinner, they're sinners, we are all sinners. We were called to love one another, and if we are to rebuke, we are to do it with love and we also should also be trying to teach others and show God's love while we are doing it. 

"I'm against homosexuality" - Well, since homosexuality has nothing to do with you at all, and doesn't affect you in any way, Why should your opinion of it matter at all?

"I don't hate gay people, and I try hard not to judge them" - Judge us for what? For doing something that has nothing to do with you and doesn't affect you in any way?

"they're sinners" - Maybe so, maybe not. I do not believe in the concept of sin, but saying that everyone is somehow flawed is correct ... I guess. But even if you believe in sin, surely love cannot be one. Especially when that love (again, say it with me) has nothing to do with you at all and doesn't affect you in any way.

Well said Ralph. Bigger question is why Kyle is on a homosexual website trolling? Hmmmm, makes you question Kyles motivation for being on here.....

Hey Kyle, turn the knob, it is a nice world out here.

Its just basic human rights. I don't believe that one group of people can dictate what another can or can't do. Its a free world people can do what they want as long as its not hurting anyone. 

There is a very basic concept that many Christians can't seem to grasp; "The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." Despite what you may believe, Christians didn't invent love or marriage, nor should they have exclusive ownership of it.

christians should be just like the muslims and behead and hang homosexuals.  afterall that is the religion of peace

Ms. Rice's sentiments are not new. She said similar words in defense of her son Christopher, so I'm not sure we can call what she is saying new as much as she's giving a timely reminder.

There are good Christians who see problems with homosexuality and there are those who believe it is compatible with scripture given what we know today. Many of these people on both sides are of good will. However as I have read some of these comments, it shows a lack of a basic understanding of what Jesus said and what he stood for during his lifetime. It is true Jesus did not condemn people but he did condemn certain behaviors such as being judgmental and hypocritical. The story of the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery show he did not agree with the behaviors. Jesus is not everything's o.k. with me, but what he did condemn most was self righteousness.

However as I write these words, if you claim to be a Christian, and abhor homosexual behavior, what are you doing on a website of a gay magazine?

Miss Rice, It is our heterosexual partners that help us win each battle. To help save a few of those kids that are estimated in the 20% to commit suicide. Leaving an 80% of this demographic to make it to adult hood. It is people like you that help others realize that human rights should not be withheld over trivial studies, religious views, or personal opinions. The suffering of GLBT peoples continues, but people such as yourself make it easier to not stand alone at the front lines. Thank you for your common sense, compassion, and understanding. With the deepest sincerity,

Thank you for helping me get to the moments of "it gets better".


I am a Christian and I believe whole heartedly that Christ loved(s) EVERYBODY! 

Thank you for standing up for your son, your friends and others who have had the strength and the courage to "come out" despite all of the hate and ignorance that surrounds us...the only thing that I would ask of you is this; Please do not lump all Christians together as homophobic haters! Not all Christians "hate." To be honest, If a person has hate in their heart, there is no way they can have Christ there too... Christ is love, pure and simple... To truly know Christ, there can be no room for hatred of any kind... Hatred comes from the deceiver; Love comes from Christ!!!

Jesus Christ commanded us to LOVE our neighbors as we love ourselves! He commanded us to love our "white" neighbors, "black" neighbors, "Asian neighbors, "Indian neighbors," "homeless" neighbors, "drug u" neighbors, "alcoholic" neighbors, "Christian" neighbors, "Muslim" neighbors, "atheist" neighbors, "Jewish" neighbors, "republican" neighbors, "democrat" neighbors, "straight" neighbors,  "bi-sexual" neighbors, "transgender" neighbors and *gasp* "gay" neighbors!!!! 

To obey Christ's command to love your neighbors as you love yourselves; you must love ALL of your neighbors, not just neighbors like yourselves!


Please understand there a actually a lot of Christian s out here who live their
faith as the Bible tells them YOU WILL NOT HEAR HATE SPEACH FROM THEM
I have spent 50 years as a follower of Christ and have never before have I had cause to be shamed by the title Christian. To me it represents the love of Christ. But that title is being used to spew hate and venom and is ,in my opinion, blackening the name of my Lord. All I can find it my heart to say is I am sorry. Please don't believe that true folloers of Christ have hate in their hearts

Hi Ms. Viers:

Thank you for your kind post. I have been reading many of them and when I read yours, I truly was touched, intrigued and wanted to understand something; that has been on my mind for years:

When you vote (assuming you do and are a citizen of the USA) do you consider what the candidates are promising/pushing on their agenda if they are elected? Do you say, wait, this politician is against gay rights or for gay rights and base your vote on this item?  

I realize there are other issues, but do you think of the above and would you vote for someone who doesn't believe in equality Will help bring this country together and only make America stronger.  Think about how much energy and resources could be spent on the homeless, the disabled, the children, and on improving society instead of trying to divide it? 

thank you again for what you wrote and I truly an curious as to how you feel about the above.  I did not write everything in my mind and am not looking for a lengthy discussion, as the intent of this message is of gratitude and intrigue with respect.



In full fairness to 'Christians' (of which there are many persuasions), I think that Anne Rice is objecting not to the true followers-of-Jesus but to the far more numerous followers-of-Paul. There is a HUGE and not often recognized difference. (Yep, theology-&-ethics was my college major.) ~ By focusing on the empire-friendly writings of Paul, the powerful men who voted on what got included in the Bible managed to eclipse the pure/simple teachings of Jesus: < Love God by respecting the outcasts, and providing for the poor/vulnerable. Forgive. > Ms. Rice's point-of-view seems to me consistent with the emphasis of Jesus.

Well put.  And I might add that the spewing of hatred is rather embarrassing to those of us who are Christian and are supportive of GLBTQ people.  Seriously, folks, put as much energy into feeding the poor, advocating for the homeless, do some GOOD in the world instead of being judgmental buffoons. 
Ms. Rice: time to go buy more of your books.  Thank you.


Do not paint Christians with the same brush. That is stereotyping. Also, don't be putting us down for our beliefs because you're doing the same thing to us that "all" of us Christians do to you. If you want a good debate, stop being hypocritical yourselves 

In full fairness to 'Christians' (of which there are many persuasions), I think that Anne Rice is objecting not to the true followers-of-Jesus but to the far more numerous followers-of-Paul. There is a HUGE and not often recognized difference. (Yep, theology-&-ethics was my college major.) ~ By focusing on the empire-friendly writings of Paul, the powerful men who voted on what got included in the Bible managed to eclipse the pure/simple teachings of Jesus: < Love God by respecting the outcasts, and providing for the poor/vulnerable. Forgive. > Ms. Rice's point-of-view seems to me consistent with the emphasis of Jesus.

No, Ms. Rice nor the homosexuals are doing anything like what the Christians are doing right now, and I hope you realize how true that statement is.  The homosexuals are not attempting to stop heterosexuals from getting married.  The homosexuals are not attacking heterosexuals publicly, verbally or emotionally.  The homosexuals are fighting to be granted the same rights that the Christians are fighting to keep from them.

If you do not understand why the homosexuals fighting for equality is moral but Christians fighting to keep a group of people segregated by rights, law, or ability is immoral, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, and you have completely missed the teachings in the book you so fervently thump as ammunition against those who do not believe what you believe.

No one cares  about this dribble.

I think people do care.  I think YOU don't care.  Let's be correct.

I, for one, care which makes your post moot.

Dear Anne.  Thank you for your very eloquent statements.  You might also point out that NO WHERE in the bible does Christ EVER say anything about homosexuality.  Enough said.

Yep.  Christ loved all of us.  Anyone committing cruelty and oppression in the name of Christianity is mistaken.  They are not actually Christian.

Well said Natalie.  I am a Christian & I have never hated anyone, & I mean anyone.  That was not what Christ taught, & I wish the world would not clump all of us together, because you can't hate & get into the kingdom of Heaven.  I always calls\ people like that Backsliders, because if they ever were really Christian their hate has caused them to backslide.  I fell sorry for them, that they have lost such a great thing as their Christianity, it's a wonderful thing to have.  Hate comes from evil & evil was thrown out of Heaven millions of years ago.  I was raised to believe in what I say by some wonder Christian parents, & I might add I raised my children to believe that, which also includes a wonderful loving gay son.  I have loved him when they put him in my arms & that love has never changed, even they day he came to me & told me.

Well Done and Heartfelt thank you Anne, I am a Christian and Gay and just feels so warm to know there are people like you who understands us. As for all those condemning others in the Name of Christ using the Words of God, they remind me of the Sadducees and Pharisees of Jesus's days. Nothing new, just the holier than thou people.

When members of a class of people defend themselves, people can dismiss it as a self serving act, it's quite different when those unaffected directly of a different class come to their defense. That signals to the larger populace that the predjudice has become unacceptable and the world is moving on and evolving. Ann Rice has demonstrated this with uncommon eloquence, very articulately, which simultaneously defends the aspirations of The Messiah that such a throng have misrepresented for so long. Amen

i know this needed editing but Facebook blocked my ability to do so on my iPad. 

Gr8 comment, Monte. This is what I added to my Share of the article on Facebook : 

In full fairness to 'Christians' (of which there are many persuasions), I think that Anne Rice is objecting not to the true followers-of-Jesus but to the far more numerous followers-of-Paul. There is a HUGE and not often recognized difference. (Yep, theology-&-ethics was my college major.) ~ By focusing on the empire-friendly writings of Paul, the powerful men who voted on what got included in the Bible managed to eclipse the pure/simple teachings of Jesus: < Love God by respecting the outcasts, and providing for the poor/vulnerable. Forgive. > Ms. Rice's point-of-view seems to me consistent with the emphasis of Jesus.

An astute point, very articulately put Monte

Good for her, she has the right to decide whom she wishes to have access to her fan page and protect those that may not be able to defend themselves.  These are obviously not real fans of hers, because if they were they would know for what she stands. These were obciously a group of people that have a one track mind, and the track is HATE.

Thank you Anne for your calm and sensitive handling of all of this. Hugs, Daryl

Nuke em' till they glow Anne. Bad analogy granted, but enough is enough.

I love this woman! Well said and thank you Ms Rice.

Thank you Anne! A great reminder that there's good people in this world!

Thank you Anne.

Thank you Ms. Rice. You are the voice of reason. I could not have stated it any better. Love your work as well.

Thank you A. Rice!  I agree 100 % on this issue of Christian Homophobia. It is truly a huge problem now as much as the 80's. Thank you so much for standing up and standing out. 

I love you Ann Rice, love your books , thank you for standing for gay rights 

Can we please, stop calling these people Christians? My Christ doesn't hate. He loves. This is not Christianity. It's hate and it's personal. 

I sooo agree, Becky. This is the comment I added when I Shared the article on Facebook:

In full fairness to 'Christians' (of which there are many persuasions), I think that Anne Rice is objecting not to the true followers-of-Jesus but to the far more numerous followers-of-Paul. There is a HUGE and not often recognized difference. (Yep, theology-&-ethics was my college major.) ~ By focusing on the empire-friendly writings of Paul, the powerful men who voted on what got included in the Bible managed to eclipse the pure/simple teachings of Jesus: < Love God by respecting the outcasts, and providing for the poor/vulnerable. Forgive. > Ms. Rice's point-of-view seems to me consistent with the emphasis of Jesus.

Very well said Becky.  And unfortunately, VERY TRUE.  

I'm so glad we have the Bible around to clearly dictate absolute truth!

I come not to bring peace but a sword to destroy families (Matthew 10:34:36).

Do not marry if you're gay (Matthew 19:12).

"I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men; she is to remain silent."  Timothy 2:11

"Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery; and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery." Luke 16:18

"For I am come to set a man at avriance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.  And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.  He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worth of me:  and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me"  Matthew 10:27-35

According to these "cherry picked" verses, I have no use for Christianity or Christian teachings.  It appears to me that Matthew and Luke expect us to wage war against our families, make perfect decisions from the onset with regard to our relationships, and women are ordered to be silent.  There are other verses that institute slavery, oppress nations, incite civil wars, and command genocide.  Christians.  It makes no more sense than applying Russian Law to Americans.  If one wishes to apply Christian law inside of a Christian church, by all means, feel free.  Outside of your circle and your churches, please refrain from doing so.  Our Constitution provides for certain protections.  One of the best is a separation of church and state.  It's pretty great!

Aaron, I am sooo grateful to the founding fathers for separation of church and state. I treasure a statement made by one founding father, Thomas Paine, in a splendid 1797 letter to a friend  (google this quote for the entire letter):

"You form your opinion of God from the account given of Him in the Bible; and I form my opinion of the Bible from the wisdom and goodness of God manifested in the structure of the universe, and in all works of creation. The result in these two cases will be, that you, by taking the Bible for your standard, will have a bad opinion of God; and I, by taking God for my standard, shall have a bad opinion of the Bible."

If the bible is Gods word why on earth would you listen to some guy named Mathew.Kinda like listening to any homeless guy on the street and using LEMMING mentality to rape pillage and plunder the planet in the name of.All that is wrong with the world today seems to be connected to this kind of Religion based thinking.When is all this going to stop and just help and love one another as human beings and stop using religion to mask aggressive human hatred.

I sincerely hope that you read the other verses that go along with Matt 10:34 and 36. Here's the passage as a whole:

"34 “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! I came not to bring peace, but a sword.

35 ‘I have come to set a man against his father,
    a daughter against her mother,
and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
36     Your enemies will be right in your own household!’

37 “If you love your father or mother more than you love me, you are not worthy of being mine; or if you love your son or daughter more than me, you are not worthy of being mine. 38 If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. 39 If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it."

He is saying that if we put ANYONE before God, we are not worthy of Him or the kingdom of heaven.

In regards to Matt 19:12, a eunuch was someone that was castrated (not by their choice most of the time), impotent, or unable to bear children. They were used for religions reasons. God had nothing against them and neither did the apostles.

Yikes.  How disappointing.  I thought Matthew wrote only good stuff.  Well, he was human, we all write rubbish now and then.  God is love, Jesus is love.  If you truly love someone, you don't say to them: "You should worship me above all others, to the point of fighting other people for my sake."  That is not love.  That's a classic abusive relationship scenario.  If God actually wrote these words through Matthew, God was having a bad day.  Maybe God gets bad days :P

When are you guys going to get the Bible right???

"For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it."

from the New international version 

and from Merriam Websters, ... 

1:  a castrated man placed in charge of a harem or employed as a chamberlain in a palace

2:  a man or boy deprived of the testes or external genitals

3:  one that lacks virility or power 

I agree with Anne Rice those of you who think you can justify your believes by saying the bible and god is against it you should take a look back in history for it was the Roman Catholic Church that essentially put that bible together and throughout history there have been many in the Catholic Church in which were gay and still posed the belief that they were     the right hand of god and further more the bible in which you believe so much about was written by man and no word or even a letter of the so called bible was written by god or Jesus himself

I have always had a healthy respect for Anne Rice. She is a lady of class and distinction. Anyone who knows her, even if only through her fan page, knows that her son, Christopher, is gay, and that she is extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. Anyone who doesn't have the courtesy to respect her opinions as expressed on her own page should have the expectation of being lambasted by her. And you have to give Ms. Rice credit, she did it with panache. Well said, Anne.

The shame of it all is that straight Christians seem to believe that all gays are atheists (or at least agnostic).  I'm Christian and am horrified by what the right-wing element of "churched people" are doing to all of us.  It's the epitome of rationalization for one's right to take over the world.  People like Hitler were not too much different.

The Bible is NOT a license to demean or hold judgment over another person's lifestyle choices! :(

Thank you. Prejudice based on a person's choice of faithstyle is prejudice nevertheless. 

I was an AIDS activist for years, and I spent more time finding places for kids from "good Christian homes" to live after they came out as gay or HIV+ and were cast out of their homes then anything else.  I was amazed that these families could reject their own children, so I am not surprised at the things they continue to believe and say to this very day.

Hacks and pseudo-Christians (Jesus didn't hate anyone) taking on a professional writer, with predictable results: a total smackdown and hilarity for the rest of us!

This Christian completely agrees with Anne!  The way many Christians treat their fellow human beings is the main reason all of my worship has been done from home for the past 30+ years.

Nice that she did it, but honestly it's a massive waste of time. These Christian hypocrites will never evolve beyond "because THE BIBLE."

Yes they can Bob. I didn't think so. I'm a gay preachers kid that was chased away from Thanksgiving when my boyfriend and I had accepted the invitation but then acknowledged our relationship frankly. My mother chased us as we drove away yelling bible verses, she on foot. That woman is a different person today. She still preaches but it's all about how much god loves us and that she's not here to judge anybody and she very accepting and supportive of gay peoples rights. Never give up on haters if they hear from Christians that stand up for love and tolerance and meet gay people, they can evolve!

My hat off to Anne Rice.  It gave me the idea to do the same by deleting intolerant, dumbasses who want to shove their religious interpretations down my throat.

Awesome job Anne!

Anne Rice, YOU ROCK!  I am also the proud mother of a young gay man, and as such, have so often seen and read the hurtful "hate" speeches and Christian condemnation of anyone who does not fit their "ideal." I applaud  your bravery and outspoken views.  Go Girl!. 

Love you always.....cant wait new one......Stan was very nice.

Thank you. This is a huge reasons you are in my top authors.

Way to go, Anne!  Well said!

I would like to add that not all Christians are a part of what is being criticized here.  I have what I consider to be basic Christian belief's but have always believed equal rights and individual decision about abortion, gender identity and most anything.  None of it is for me to judge.  We all have to be who we are and make our own decisions and I respect other's rights to do that.  I just feel that sometimes Christians are lumped into one category and not all of us who believe are judgmental or interpret the Bible in any literal type of way.

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