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Another Teen Comes Out To Mom On YouTube; Shares That He Used To Harm Himself

Is coming out on YouTube officially a trend now??

Teen Adam Jernberg followed fellow YouTuber Ryan's example and came out to his mom--and broadcast said coming out to the world.

Adam shares:

“So I told my mom.. I was so nervous but I’m glad it’s done. She honestly did not care, I love my mom :). Still can’t believe that I used Bradley Cooper to help me come out haha! Next in line is my little sister. Then my dad.. :/. Wish me luck!“

Congrats, Adam!

What do you think of teens sharing their coming out experiences with the world, Instincters?


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Aww. Sweet. Nice. Congratulations to you Adam. If you only know I envy you. I wish I had a mother like yours that is very understanding. I told my mom once but she just yelled at me and got mad at me.

As an ex pro gay athlete, my hats off to you Adam!  Remember for any hateful feedback you get there are many many many ( did I mention many :) more people that support you all the way!   

Congrats, you are a very brave young man and you have to be yourself, to LOVE yourself and Love  anyone else. Stay STRONG.

Congrats, you brave man.

"what you girls contain is really vile" 


If it helps save another life, bring on the world! Congrats Adam

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