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Anthony Albanese - Stresses The Positive Economics Of Passing Australian Marriage Equality. Right Way To Win Support?

Would you want someone to vote for marriage equality only because they feel it would have a positive impact on your nation's economy?

In an address to the media, Labor MP Anthony Albanese chose to stress that a vote in favor of marriage equality would benefit Australia in the billions.  He reiterates that allowing same-sex marriages would draw in major business, create jobs, and lessen the exodus of Australian same-sex couples to other nations to get married.

Hear part of his address below.



Do you think this is wise?

Should we take all the help we can get to obtain equality?

Is Albanese trying to bypass what moral dilemma some Australians may have in voting in favor of marriage equality and focus on their wallets?





There are many good reasons to vote for marriage equality. To state that any one of them doesn't qualify is cutting your nose to spite your face.

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