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Anti-Gay Benham Brothers Nearing New TV Deal

Following being dropped by HGTV in the wake of their anti-gay activism, David and Jason Benham are allegedly close to securing a deal with a new network for their house-flipping series, Flip It Forward. 

The Hollywood Reporter writes

The brothers also said on The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel on Friday that "a couple" of networks are pursuing them.

To seek a deal with another network, the Benhams have been speaking with Faith Driven Consumer, an advocacy group best known for a controversial poll disparaging the Paramount film,Noah, and for collecting 250,000 signatures in defense of Duck Dynasty after star Phil Robertson made remarks critical of homosexuality.

Faith Driven Consumer has launched a petition drive in support of the Benhams that so far boasts 10,000 signatures.

“We are brokering a possible deal between them and their show and an alternative network to HGTV,” said Faith Driven Consumer founder Chris Stone, who declined to say which network the brothers are in discussions with. “Whether it’s HGTV or the network we’re talking about, we want to see them on TV.”

Think they'll pull it off? Where do you think the Benhams will land, Instincters? 


I would "do" them. Tag team! HOT!!! Besides, they said they love the homos. Bless their hearts! 

Ugh...these two are like the Winkiedink twins from the whole Facebook mess...or like a bad case of herpes... They just won't go away

They should give it up.  The stone is cast........

The 700 Club

with kookoo Roberts !!!!!?

They can broker all they want, but they are now gay bashers and no one wants to run programing like that anymore. Christian Broadcast Network is now is the place to go. A little faith with put into kitchen cabinets!

Ok. So they've got a limited audience of gay bashers. How many of that limited audience will actually watch a show about home and design? Good luck!

You know, I didn't even think about that.   Most of the audience for a show of that nature would be people who are interested in flipping houses and home improvement.   That sounds pretty gay-friendly to me!

So after proclaiming acceptance and love for all they may choose to head to a network that supports hate and discrimination while hiding behind the Bible? Hypocrisy. I guess money really DOES change everything.

i guess they are not my type there ok looking but im not falling over my dog to get the remote to watch them

Our grinning twins would be perfect for Fox News--as possible speakers who can comment on the "gay agenda" in America and why Uganda and Russia are doing such an excellent job in crushing the "gay menace." Of course our grinners will say such soothing things as "love the person, hate the sin" if their referring to gay people. They will eagerly quote passages from the Bible where a bunch of goat herders 3,000 years ago said such sinners, along with men who sleep with women, should be stoned and left for the devil. Ted Cruise would certainly sponsor them on a TV show.

My guess is Style or Fox or as some filler on overnight in syndication.

It was inevitable that Fox News would portray them as martyrs-- this script has been produced so many times there are no surprises left. 

The funny thing for me is that HGTV probably hired these two for the beefcake factor-- blonde, blue eyed and muscley-- thinking they'd appeal to women and gay men, the core audience base for their programing.  It's odd that no one at the network bothered googling their names just to see if there were potential red flags. I'm just surprised the development deal got as far as it did.

Yeah, right, well good luck with that.  The channel carrying "Duck Dynasty" will need something to fill the time slot.  Signing the contracts at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, are we?  Shouldn't have any problems finding a table from what I hear . . . ;-)

I'm beginning to tire of the vicious vitriol people post. Calling them names and showing such disdain is shallow and unnecessary. Honestly, I seriously doubt these guys are bad guys. Faith does screwy things to peoples minds. But showing such outrageously disgusting hatred only makes that person a hater too.  We've come a long way in our struggles, let's settle down on things like this. We've risen to prominence because we chose to show compassion and be good people, it's time we stop the reversed bigotry. That said, I don't agree with their statements at all, but I also don't think they need to be stoned in the streets of public opinion. 

Amen Jerry!  Look at how far the Westboro Baptist Church brought our community.  They wanted us dead... but they protested in such a hateful, vile way that even Biker gangs were on our side.  

Only gays would want to see these two anyway.  so good luck with their so-called house-flipping bullshit.  Next we'll hear that they ARE gay anyway.  Go FAG brothers! lol

There are strictly "Christian" networks (which I have blocked on my TV) where LGBT people are banned from being hired. Go there. Go work for a network that doesn't force LGBT people to work for you while you demean them and treat them as inferior to you because they don't bow down to you - I mean your version of "God", religion, etc. (according to you). Go to a network where you are not demanding they attach their name to your "values" and beliefs while those "values" and beliefs are in complete contradiction to theirs.

Seems to me that Duck Dynasty has been canceled, and Naoh did just fine with it's viewership as far as film appreciation.  So does FDC have any success stories?

Of course in the long run the twins will more then likely not see a deal anywhere.  With the rapid decline of religious apologists and adheres to faith, the support just isn't there anymore to allow for shooting your mouth off.  Quite literally the homosexual community has the largest liquid cash flow of any minority group, and advertisers know it.  Money is outweighing faith.  That is at least the lesser of two evils.

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