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Anti-Gay Dallas TV Host Will Address Storming Off Set For The First Time On ... Fox News

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Amy Kushnir, the "outraged" co-host of Dallas' morning TV show The Broadcast, is shocking zero people by giving her first interview to Fox News since storming off set in protest of Michael Sam

Steve Kemble of Dallas-area radio station KVIL broke the news moments ago in a live broadcast. 

"Amy is hurting right now," Kemble said. "She feels her comments were very misunderstood, and she is looking forward to explaining them further in hopes that people will better understand her viewpoint."

Head to KVIL's website to listen to the report.

Kushnir did not appear on today's episode of The Broadcast, giving credence to the report that she's on her way to New York for her Fox News martyring. 

In other Kushnir news, He Said Magazine uncovered this photo taken during a recent episode of the morning show. Yes, those are male strippers carrying Kushnir on set for a 9 a.m. broadcast. Guess she has no problem with young children "being forced to watch" this, right?



Always trying to discredit the TRUTH, it's ok tommy, I see you have been, I would say "Brain"washed, but you do seem to lack one. You will come to realize that it is a choice, there is NO evidence that it is biological in nature and you too can turn away from that lonely, misguided, empty and vacuous life style. You just have to have determination and will power, something your STRAIGHT parents apparently never taught you! I do feel very sorry for you, as I look down upon your miserable life! I'm sure if you go to Juniors or Village station you can dance your gayness away. Or maybe your gaybers can cry with you in Homo Heights

If you were truly over your homosexuality, you wouldn't be trolling a gay website.  If your intent was to win people over to what you believed to be truth, you wouldn't be verbally harassing and cyber bullying them.  But you do.

Your intent clearly isn't to win converts.  It's to vent rage.  Angry people like yourself have unresolved issues, and I'm willing to bet, it's your sexuality that you claim to have overcome.

The fact one is gay is not wrong.  Some people mistreat us for it in order to make us think our sexuality is wrong.  But, there's a solution for that--to get away from those people and realize that you're ok the way you are.

Wow, that's a lot of hyperbole.  Now, perhaps you could attempt to back up your vacuous statements with some facts.  I doubt you will though, as the great Stephen Colbert said, "facts have a liberal bias".

I have gay parents and I'm straight and support all people BC it is the humane thing to do. What hell is your problem with people being happy? Soon as you figure that out, maybe you'll be able to be happy too stop hating and judging others.

Polly Anna, have you not read any of the other posts. oh yeah, this is Gay Nation, Homos never judge and critiques others,they would never stoop so low as to name call anyone, they are perfect twinkle-toed-angels. I dare you to go contrary to what they say, let's see how long that fake facade lasts!!! 

Yeah, straight folks never judge and critique others....kinda like you are not doing during this thread.

ok put the hypocrite down and carry me anywhere you want too

I was thoroughly DISGUSTED and APPALLED at seeing those three bigoted, narrow-minded, loudmouthed, uneducated, and incredibly ignorant bimbos on Tuesday's The Broadcast. And walking off the set really is the height of unprofessionalism. These hayseeds should have been happy that Michael Sam shared a short, small, innocent kiss with his boyfriend! But their vomit-inducing bigotry came through instead.

Where on earth did they ever dig up these inbred rednecks anyway? Under what slimy rock in what backwards part of the country did they come from? Because of their incredible ignorance, narrow-mindedness, homophobia, lack of education, and nauseating bigotry, these three hicks should all be immediately fired.

And have these three dumb rubes ever thought for a second that straight people have been shoving their relationships and sexuality in gay people's face for eternity? Every single day, a million times over, gay people are subjected to straight people shoving their relationships and sexuality in their faces, yet nobody ever hears gay people complain about that, much less the incredible immorality being shown on TV largely BY straight people, ABOUT straight people.

Being gay is perfectly normal, and there's no reason at all that gay people shouldn't be able to openly express their love for each other in public. If the narrow-minded hate-filled bigots get upset about a simple innocent kiss then this only shows just how ignorant, uneducated, and unchristian they are. I'd suggest they go back to school and get an education.

I don't appreciate the use of the terms rednecks and hicks in that manner. Not all country folks are the same. They aren't country people to begin with, if they host a tv show. Using those words that way is the same as what these people are doing. Thanks you. 

Only 2 of the women there were being closed minded, the other 2 were saying that the kiss was nothing to feel disgusted or ashamed of.  They said it was a celebration, and not a negative reaction to being picked.  

Happy with your comment.

Her comments were very plain and simple, nothing to misunderstand!  I'm sure is she goes on Fox News, they have a very fair and open mind and clear the air!!  LOL!  Not gonna happen!

That hypocritical heifer!!

I think that anyone that would walk off the air to get a reaction should never and I repeat never be paid to be on the public TV ..She was wrong and many others have lost there jobs over a temper that can't be controlled. This show is viewed by many and repeat many and she is not a good part of it get her off or Ill turn it off. 


I am not sure why she said it was pushed in her face. Obviously if she is so tired of the media talking about Michael Sam. Why didn't she choose to ruened off rhe tv or change the channel. Just as she chose to walk off the set. She has a problem with people kissing? Omg I feel for her husband or boyfriend. .. what a frigid, cold hearted bitch she must be! And ahe also doesn't see this occasion as a celebration?????? But I bet she celebrate when her kids if she has any... have a good grade in achool, or when she got that tv show host promotion. ... is that not an occasion to celebrate? So why not being drafted to the nfl? People may not agree with different lifestyle and religious beliefs but it doesn't mean that they are wrong. Wasn't it a few decades ago we women were fighting for equal rights? And black people asking for the same rights as white people. Its only fair thatgay and lesbians ask for the same?

Just wondering, do you bother to at least spell check?

Hi Ed:

I assume you didn't actually Google. First video that came up when I typed "draft kiss girlfriend" was this: // Granted, that's a BASKETball player, and we all know how immoral and over-sexual basketball players are, so maybe we let that slide. Still on ESPN, though.

If you DEMAND football, we've got this one 6 down on the list: // Quick peck from his girlfriend, then for added fun, goes for a full-on kiss with his twin brother. Lovely to see such excitement for the future. There were more, but I'm tired of Googling for you.

Codae, Note: Your "draft kiss girlfriend" is NBA, I was looking for NFL. I know, the gay society has trouble discerning the differences between leagues. 

You'll also note that I directly mention the first result was NBA (but the point that it was shown on ESPN is still relevant and important).

The second post was NFL. I think I figured out your problem. You lack reading comprehension skills. Don't worry, there are night courses which can help you.

Codae, you seem to be having a problem with discerning the difference between things that are the same, and things that are similar. I think they taught this on Sesame Street. 

Ed, you seem to be having a problem discerning the point of the article, the video, and the discussion that ensued.  It was about watching 2 men kissing on TV.  

Your attempt to turn this into NBA vs NFL only shows that you have no real argument and are trying to change the subject to feel "right".  Why not man up instead, and simply admit you were wrong?

The argument she is making is that ESPN should not show kissing. NOT that they shouldn't show kissing after NFL drafts only. That makes entirely no sense. Your argument is fallacious and you're grasping at straws. So, good luck drowning in your own incorrectness and inability to understand reality. I'm sure it will do you well in the future you are attempting to make for yourself in aligning with people who would really rather you disappear from society. Even if you're right, you really need to stop and look at who you're right with.

Codae, okay, see if you can answer this: Should we be celebrating Michael Sam becoming the first openly gay man to be drafted to the NFL? Or should we be celebrating that he kissed his boyfriend and the spectacle that ESPN made of the kiss; selling the video clip to every media source possible and airing that instead of the real story? (Just think of the money they made. Who knew ESPN was Sam's pimp. Of course Sam doesn't get a cut.)

What a shocker.  Ed, you're changing the topic of discussion again?  WTF?  Just admit you were wrong.

Jake, not wrong bud. Not changing the subject. 

Interesting since I did google it yesterday and it wasn’t there. Thanks for assuming :-)

You're right. These must have been either obscured from you or there's a plot to make you look like you didn't really look. Either way, I apologize for assuming, even though all evidence to the contrary was presented to me.

have not heard very many people get upset about two men kissing on TV at the NFL Draft, It was the eating cake out of each others mouth that people seemed to have a problem with. For me I think that was a little over the top as well, I do not want to see that. I am a gay man and believe to each there own but, please have a little decorum. I felt like that was a segment on  JERRY SPRINGER.

1. I’m gay. 2. I watched the full clip. 3. No one paid attention to what Amy said or was trying to convey. 4. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw the girlfriend or wife of a football player kissing the football player right after being drafted by the NFL? Never! Google it. There is not one story, one pic, one video, of a girlfriend kissing a football player after he was drafted. Not one. That was her point. 5. I agree with Amy. 

Are you really this dumb or just play an idiot on the internet?  The first openly-gay NFL draftee is a big deal in the context of not only our culture at-large but of the sports culture of America. A hetero draftee is not news and ESPN was simply present with Sam to witness this culturally historical moment, and it happened to be a moment he shared with his boyfriend in the form of affection.  However, many times after a college game we are subjected to seeing a hetero player run and kiss his girlfriend.  I can Goggle a dozen clips of AJ McCarron alone.  Why?  Because the heteronormative culture of sports dominated by straight males makes a HUGE freakin deal of his girlfriend's physical appearance. I have even seen college players run off the field after a bowl win and propose to their girlfriends.  How many times do you see NFL players kiss their spouses/girlfriends after they've won the Super Bowl?  

The only "point" Amy was trying to make is that she finds gay people kissing disgusting and tried to cover up her blatant homophobia by acting like she has the same visceral reaction when two straight people kiss.... but you won't find one clip of her storming off the set after seeing two heteros share a beautiful moment, as is evident by her willingness to be lifted by half-naked strippers on live, morning tv. This is what educated and more self-aware people refer to as a "double standard".

RandallG, please point out the last time an NFL draft pick kissed on camera right after getting drafted. 

Ed, please explain why you don't think NFL draft picks should be able to kiss their partner right after getting drafted?

Randall is correct. Ed is an idiot. Simple, and to the point.  

2011 was pretty easy to find. Not soon enough?

I hate being devil’s advocate in a room full of gays. Makes me ashamed. You all turn into a bunch of bullies, calling me names and questioning my intelligence. It is all pretty pitiful. Buddy, I didn’t say that. You are putting words into my mouth. Ryan, thanks so much. You are such a wonderful person. Codae, how long did it take you to find that clip, and how many views did it have?

Thank you. It's my job to help the narrow-minded. 

So you take pride in being a bully? 

It doesn't surprise me that you throw that term around loosely. Although, I do take pride in not being a pussy. 

Ed, I can only assume that if you are indeed gay, you are an old man.  That would explain the shame you feel.  It would also explain why you're so bad at googling.

How is that at all relevant?  So what if no girlfriend or wife kissed a football player after he was drafted.  What does it matter?

Amy's point was that ESPN had never shown anyone getting kissed after being drafted, until it was a gay person. ESPN made a spectacle of it because it was a gay person. ESPN was using gay to make controversy. We should be ashamed for being used. That was Amy's point. 

She has a problem with kids seeing gay men kissing, but no problem with kids seeing this picture of

Wow. she's sounds super hypocritical. and the men carrying her out are probably gay or bi lol. People can be so narrow minded 

I would fire the "B"


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