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Anti-Gay Hate Crime Occurs In NYC's Prospect Park

New York City's been the site of another alleged anti-gay hate crime, this time in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. 

A gang of teens attacked 25-year-old makeup artist Kevin Kiadii.

CBS New York has the story:


Kiadii’s story happened Wednesday night in Prospect Park, where he and a male friend encountered a group of at least four teens who appeared to be intoxicated.

As a gesture of kindness, Kiadii said he offered one of them a bottle of soda.

“The shortest one out of them, he was a hot head, he jumped in my face and started saying anti-gay slurs,” Kiadii said.

He said that one took on a fighting stance, and Kiadii told them they should back away.

“When I said that, the one that was really intoxicated jumped into my face and said ‘I’m going to [expletive] you up’ and do this and ‘you F and [expletive],’ and I went into my bag, and pulled out my bottle of perfume, to imitate pepper spray,” Kiadii said.

He suffered bruises to his sides and cuts to a hand.

“One of the dudes tried to kick me in the face, but just missed and he got me in my shoulder,” Kiadii said.

The victim said he was able to quickly dial 911 on his phone and hand it to a bystander, but police who were nearby were already responding, taking four into custody.

Those arrested ranged in age from 13 to 18, and each were charged with gang assault, and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.


These hate crimes in New York City don't appear to be slowing down. With LGBT Pride month being ushered in and more activities cropping up around the city, be careful, Instincters! 

Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)