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Anti-Gay HGTV Twins Say Christians Need To "Be Willing To Die" In Fight Against LGBT Rights

Ever since losing their HGTV show because of their extreme homophobia, the Benham Twins have amped up their anti-gay ante. The latest mission involves the disgraced TV stars telling fellow "Christians" that they should be "willing to do" for the fight against the LGBT community. 

David Benham tells the Christian Post:

"If people remain silent, then it’s gonna to continue to get worse. But when folks step up, and speak boldly the truth, then it can actually be pushed back. And that’s one of the things Jason was just talking about. You have to be willing to die. I mean Jason and I had to be willing to lose our show. We had to be willing to lose a book deal, I mean whatever it may be – endorsements. We had to be willing to lose it all.

“We have to be willing to let go of what we have, whether it’s a job, an elected position, a big ‘ole church, whatever it may be. We have to be willing to let it go, and when that happens, then absolutely we’re back on the right track in America.”

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All of you and your energies are sick.  I feel somehow infected.  never going to this stupid site again. 

Re-watching that lame gaydar was about to explode. I bet you dollars to donuts one of these jokers comes out or both...and they sing a WHOLE new song...and want forgiveness from the gay community....I hope we don't forget what they did....just because gays think they maybe attractive....

You both are too pretty to speak so ugly. When you meet God (whomever he may be) you might find yourself on a rapidly descending elevator with a fire atmosphere....spreading hateful words, much less, putting words in your Prophets mouth the polar opposite of what he said will land you in a lake of fire faster than gays living their lives honestly based on what God created them to be. To meet you halfway, did you ever consider....whether God made people gay or not....that if they are gay and cannot help it....even in your words with "God's help" then maybe he will grant them mercy like he does for so many....and he will not hold it against them....but on the otherhand....hatred is a choice....and to spread hate is another more severe choice....and putting words into Jesus' mouth will not be forgiven since it was your personal crusade. Think that over.

i heard that 1 of them had a towel snapping incident in high school and has been sucking dick ever since......going super anti-gay is a way to hide his true feelings.

Excellent stance gentlemen, may God grant you the continued courage to stand up and declare His Truth. 

I'm a gay male and I believe that these chaps have the right to their opinion, just as we all do. 

That being said, I can only fantasize what I would do with these two between the sheets!

Don't give importance to their shit.

let them get no mileage from their crazy speeches.

Sexy beefcake!

The stance against this overboard gay saga has finally begun.

Gays will perpetually find themselves raped in hell by the fangs and horns of the beast! They will beg for it to stop!

I'm not feeling especially articulate this fine Sunday morning so may I just invite you to shut the fuck up?

sounds great.....when does the party start?

hey, btw, what are YOU doing posting on a GAY website? i guess i'll see you at the party in hell too!!

Now, are these fangs & horns RIBBED FOR MY PLEASURE?  

Oh, and should I bring LUBE?  

I'd ask you if you feel just a wee bit stupid, but I already know the answer to that.  

Hell hath n ofury like a homophobic ( gay boy in denial) pretty boy who's been scorned ( had their tv show cancelled). Take another selfie and chill... You'll be fine....

who do they think watchs hgtv
 dont bite the (gay) hand that feed you!


Love your enemies, do good to those who curse and pray for those mistreat you. They have greatly oppressed of my youth but have not gained victory over me. Prepare for the beating of mockers and fools. I wish them well.

Check this out

​And I like John 15:12 as the final word.

What? Biblical evidence in support of same-sex happiness? A lot of conservadrone heads will explode over this.

Now if they can answer why they were born heterosexual then maybe they can answer why people are born homosexual. It's not an alternative lifestyle or a choice. People are born gay. They are losers. 

So called Christians; passing judgement on others for any reason isn't what being Christ-like was ever about. You don't agree, so what. If you are really trying to walk in the light of Christ it's all about LOVING your neighbor not passing judgement. Here's a thought for you. If you truly follow the Word of God you know that passing judgement is wrong, and you will be punished yourself. Bottom line do what Christ asked you to do (LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR)  and let God do his job!!!

History has already shown us that people like this who live to oppress never win. You guys are definitely on the right to track to lose everything. Good luck with your agenda. Instead it would be in your best interest to just live your life and let others live theirs. No one is hurting anyone so why attack others? Keep your nonsense to yourself. You are a dying breed but it doesn't have to be that way. You can live your backwards life in peace. Just keep it to you and your family just like others do. Live and let live.

2 months ago, I was a guy with my head convince i was right until i read this

1 Corinthians 6:9-11New International Version (NIV)

9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

There are at least 14 TRANSLATIONS of this anthology that we call THE BIBLE.  

These carefully CHOSEN stories were written by MULTIPLE authors (each with their own AGENDA & BIAS), long AFTER Christ had died.  And, some of these translations actually conflict with each other.  

Now, please tell me which of these 14 (or more) translations is the ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS, LITERAL WORD OF GOD?  

Thanks.  : )  

Stop BIBLE THUMPING you idiot! What does your heart and soul say? To hell with some foolishness some self hating homo/ non understanding hetero wrote over 2000 yrs ago? I know I don't. And seriously who the fuck wants to inherit t"he so called "kingdom of heaven if its a homophobic/ racist/ sexist place.... not me! I'll take HELL OVER THIS VERSION OF HEAVEN any day.

People need to leave that 2000-page sleeping pill alone and start thinking with the brain God gave them.

Well if "Christians" should be "willing to die", lets hope these two lead by example.

if we're bringing religion into this, who gave anyone the right to judge what other people do? Christianity is about being a good person and do what is right and not to judge. I am Gay and Christian; although I have been condemned for being honest with God. What two adult men do with each other isn't anyones' business but their own. 

Didn't someone say something along the lines of "thou protests a big much..."

Some millions of years ago we talking monkeys would swing in the trees and throw shit at each other.

At least we've stopped swinging in the trees.

"Losing a TV show or a book deal is JUST like dying under religious persecution."

Really, they said that.

Hasn't the church done enough damage with superstition and fear? Keep the folks stupid and afraid (republicanism at its best). We've lived under an imaginary all-knowing thumb for at least two millennia, with such fun side trips as the dark ages and the Inquisition.

Wake up, humanity, and grow up.

Yet when these dumbass guys first came out, lol, they states they aren't in the fight against gays 

they don't agree with it but weren't fighting the fight or anything 

we called bs then and will call bs now 

first of all they look like big homosexuals themselves 

Anyone who thinks these guys don't tweak burley male nipples is gay AND Christian! 

Too much just too much of promotion and bullshit fight for your rights from the twisted minded of the LGBT society. This twin will encourage more and more people to realize that same sex relationship is wrong. Legalized same sex marriage is nothing but a legalized of a perversion act between two person. Fight. We shall fight and condemned this LGBT sicked practise for the sake of our children. Protect your kids from this perverted species people!

Your a dick

Mr Razor, do you know how stupid you sound? You sound just as stupid and fanatical Muslim extremist. You can have your hate mongering, stupid, fear filled life and practice all you want about your feelings of what gay marriage is and same sex marriage. But it's not fair for people who want to have that and not be allowed to (their own human rights) just because some stupid bigoted jag-off doesn't think it's okay. Mr Razor, why don't you do us all a favor, our children included, and go live by yourself in the mountains. That way, you won't be bother by same sex married couples, and the rest of us accepting, nice, and compassionate people with average intelligence don't have to be bothered by you. 

I would rather we protect our children from barely literate and uneducated comments like this. 

People like you are the reason why we have so much hatred in this country. People like you are the reason blacks had to ride in the back of busses, people like you are why it took so long for woman to be able to vote. You should be ashamed of yourself!

What rights are we straight folks fighting for that we don't have already?

I can't help but notice, the more Christian the response, the worse the spelling and grammar. Which is the cause and which is the effect?

Take another xanx "silently sane" and for all our sanity remain silent! And if you need a lesson on "cause and effect" Google it, you horse's ass! Seriously, don't you have some kiddy porn to download? I'm guessing, yeah!

Ha! It's a wonder this idiot managed to string some words together. I can't be surprised by the illiteracy and general stupidity of what he was preaching... Not when I know it's coming from an individual who subscribes to ideas so backwards and morally bankrupt these people are willing to condemn even their own children in favor of an 1800 year old fairy tale.

You should "practice" to spell this word before expressing your opinion. Also, I really hope you aren't a Christian showing everyone the "Love of God" to all people as you are a witness of Him. Remember in the fight against a group of people and you are showing them how they should turn from their "wicked" ways ... you aren't their judge. If you begin to be their judge, you have sinned as you say they have,

"If people remain silent, it's going to get worse."

If folks don't speak up about dicks like these two, then yes the situation will get worse.

There have been gays since they days of the Old Testament. Yes there are more gays today, but there's more of every kind of person today.

There are more people since the Old Testament AND there may or may not be more gay people. It would be safe to say there are more "out" LGBT because people are less afraid of people harmed. The LGBT and racial discrimination still live in this generation and Christians are to blame for the crimes.

May or may not be? The world population was approximately 50 million in 2000bc. Today it is 7 billion. For every person alive then, there are 140 living today. That's plenty more of everything, including gays and, unfortunately, meatheads like these twins.

These home boys are not meat heads, haters or bigots! Why would you say that? Just because they don't believe or think the same way you do? I wish them success in all that they do.

My beliefs and thoughts do not involve hatred toward others because they think and believe differently than I do. They are doomed for failure except within the hater crowd. They should do well on FOX, where they'll likely end up.

Are either of these two willing to die for their cause? As good conservatives they'll likely find someone else to die for them, the way our fearless leaders send other peoples' children off to die so they can make a little cash. You know, for the moral good of our Christian-based country and all that.

These 2 guys are delicious

Perhaps with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

Demented too.

Anyone who thinks that these idiots are "handsome" is crazier than these brothers are. They look like meatheads. Thanks to their big mouths and backwards morals, we know that they are meatheads as well as bigots. 

They're not gay, they're just handsome southern boys. And they have the right to fight for what they believe in, just as much as the gays have the right to fight for their cause. They are NOT haters. They're fundamentalist Christians. 

They are bigots, and haters, and hypocrites.


False religion.
False doctrine.
Plus they're completely gay.

It's time for a more authentic Christian witness.

I love these hotties and I think they have the right to their opinion!

And any of you gay dudes that are married or in long term relationships think that your pretty boy doesn't cheat, think again! ALL MEN CHEAT! Gay & Straight. 

Hatred is toxic, it tends to spread on its own given a chance. You spew it like a fountain. Jesus needs to save himself from his followers.

Of course you love them. You are mindless. You see them as attractive so anything they do and say is fine by you. it is called viewing the world through rose coloured glasses. it is part of your bias and it makes you no better than a 12 year old girl who listens to justin bieber because she thinks he is cute. You need to grow up and use that brain of yours. 

I think your a damn idiot for supporting hate of any kind!

Those brothers are sexy-hot! I would do either one of them in a heartbeat! Or an awesome threesome!!!

No, please, don't give them a chance to reproduce. We don't need any more vermin undermining morals in this country.

I hear Chick fil A is hiring.  Now get back there and make me some waffle fries boys!

Wow.  "YOU have to be willing to DIE. I mean JASON AND I had to be willing to lose our SHOW. We had to be willing to lose a BOOK DEAL, I mean whatever it may be – ENDORSEMENTS."  (Yes, those are irrefutably the same thing :-/  )  15 minutes of infamy ending in 3...2...1...

This makes me laugh. You brothers are so stupid and tick call yourselfs Christians. Take whatever peace you won't from the bible and put it into your own words and try and make it sound, like it's the truth whatever. Jesus love all humans gay, straight, transgender, and child is gods child. So we don't need stupid people telling use god does not approve of what's going on, because he does what he hates most are Christians thinking they rule the world well, sorry to break the news nobody's does except god himself. I as a gay man know from my heart god loves me and thinks I'm awesome for standing up for who I am and not judging people but loving everyone, for who they are.

I agree with what you are saying, overall.  However, your grammar & spelling is absolutely horrible. lol  These guys are a disaster.  Let them crawl back into the holes from which they came.

These Two Brothers Are Crazy, Insane & Are Extreme Fanatical Christians! I hate to burst their bubble(but not really) but Marriage Equality is pretty much unstoppable now! I would bet that before the end of the decade, the USA Federal Government in one fashion or another, will have some kind of ruling on the matter. They will either legalize marriage equality across the entire country or they will require all states to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states were marriage equality is legal. They have a very large rude awakening coming there way if they think they can stop the movement & it's momentum.

FYI, God taught up to love one another, not hate one another!

Matthew 16:23

Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns."

John 5:24

 “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.

I think this comment was really taken out of context and a bit of sensationalist journalism.  There is  command in scripture that says Christians should be willing to die for their beliefs.. but not in the way that this article is trying to portray... like oh I'll attack gays and be violent... but more like I'm willing to be a martyr if things go south and be passive and let them attack me.  So just the opposite. 

What they did with the show was a bit overdone.  (cancelling it because of their opinions). 

Everyone has a different idea of what is acceptable or not in society.  Maybe they have a problem with gays, but maybe they do not.  I think there is a lot of judgement towards these two men for their ideas... but should we be like that just because they are different?

Sometimes I think there is an equal amount of anger on both sides that is unwarranted. 

It isn't "extreme homophobia" to have supported proposition 8.  (which is probably where this is all going back to).   Not everyone agrees... There are some people (such as myself) who think the government should stay the hell out of ALL relationships between people over the age of 18.  More government intrusion is not what society needs (on both sides).  

The state keeps dictating what people can or cannot do in their own eff that.  It should only be between you, God, and your partner (s).

These guys did not call for armed conflict against gay people..

so guys calm your tits... 

Religion breeds delusion breeds psychosis. Jesus needs to come and save us from his followers.

They were both looking at each other like they were going to have sex with each other after the interview. But they're twins so it doesn't count right?

There are two types of people in the world. One group sees things that they do not understand and try to understand them by asking questions and being inquisitive. The other group sees things that they do not understand and try to stop them. The foundations of modern society was built on principles lade down by the former. These two are fossils, pay them no mind.

Its amazing how so many Christians or individuals who claim to be Christian preach such hate about another human being. While I am sure there are things about other people that we don't like that other people choose to do but it doesn't give us a right to speak words of hate but you do. The bible teaches us to "Love our neighbors" and these type of words about other people that may be different than you or go against your beliefs are not acceptable in the eyes of GOD. If anything, you should be praying a pray of deliverance and understanding rather than always casting people that you view as different or sinners to HELL. The last time I checked you are not GOD and don't have the power to do that, but what you are empowered to do as spoken in the bible is to pray for those that maybe sick and afflicted for their strength in the lord. I am praying for all of you that GOD will place peace in your hearts and remove all of the hate from it. Remember no sin is greater than another sin, are you perfect? When was the last time you sinned and shame GOD. That's right, just a moment ago.

Gays will live in eternal torture of hell, repeatedly raped by the horns and fangs of the beast.

Oooooh, kinky.

That's THEIR problem, don't you think?
And right along with all those religious people who promote hate.

Yea, and these two guys will be right beside them then, because if they have any tattoos or have eaten lobster, they are guaranteed to be pronged by the beast themselves.

Gay people spread so much disease. The aids started by monkey fucker faggots like charles darwin ~ pat Robinson 700 club

lolCLEARLY this isnt hateful. its mocking pat robertson. dont be daft fellow sexy gays

Another confirmation that ignorance is still rampant here in the USA. I imagine this comment came from some back woods, hillbilly, inbred bubba who is married to his first cousin that he got pregnant in the back of a pickup truck down by the swamp while dueling banjos was playing in the background....just sayin'

You know straight people carry as much disease as gay. Just pointing it out dumbass!

HIV not the AIDS virus, that's a syndrome brought on by HIV, was created by scientist trying to synthesize a vaccine by using infected monkeys. The LGBT community is the least infected group; check you facts. I also seriously doubt Pat Robertson said the word "fuckers". He is just as ignorant as you are. 

You are an asshole....

Please let these twins do a hot gay video making love to each other in the shower!!!

Lord...hear my prayer!

Hahaha, right?

And after making video they have a threesome... :-)

"The left wing hates diversity"  What the hell?  Being prejudice is not diversity!  Where the hell did he come up with this?  We had no choice we were born this way, remember that.  Most Churches only breed hate and they pick and chose what they want to out of their "good book".  Why do they push their religion on us???  Why should we not have to right to be at our loved ones deathbed?  Why must we pay more taxes?  What are they so frightened about that they must talk about it so much?   I agree with you Dick Z love it :D

So how about you let go your hate, dudes?

three of the most closeted gays ever assembled.

Id love to see these two in a threesome !!


"And that’s one of the things Jason was just talking about. You have to be willing to die."  


Of course, there's also an unspoken "Dog Whistle" message that's being sent to us & the lunatic fringe on the right.  

Some of these "religious" types only seem to understand one thing, VIOLENCE.  We NEED to remember that & to act accordingly.  

Never under estimate just how much they really hate you.  Never.  

And, have you ever noticed how it's ALWAYS about THEIR GROUP "CONTROLLING" EVERYBODY ELSE? 

HINT:  We will NEVER bow down to you, not now, not ever.  

But they don't hate you nor want to control you. They do have a right to their opinion, as you have a right to yours. There does, however, seem to be a lot of hate in this column as well as fantasizing about these two. If you have a point to prove, I suggest proper behavior while making it. Otherwise, you are merely shooting yourself in the foot......

If you can't see the hate from the fanatical "xtians" foaming at the mouth over gay rights, you must have your head buried all the way up your ass. Just cause you close your eyes, and cover your ears doesn't mean it stops. Stop standing up for the haters, when you do you stand with them. You could just have been neutral and kept your opinion to yourself but I think we see where you stand now.

How many gay relationships actually are long term? And by long term I mean longer than a year or 2. ALL gays have threesomes, cheat and spread disease.

You should be drowned like rats.

First of all I know several couples together for 10 or 20 years. I have been in my relationship and faithful for 5 years and my last relationship for 7 until his passing from cancer. I am also 30 and alot more mature then someone saying drown them like rats, oh you and go fuck yourself btw.

First of all I know several couples together for 10 or 20 years. I have been in my relationship and faithful for 5 years and my last relationship for 7 until his passing from cancer. I am also 30 and alot more mature then someone saying drown them like rats, oh you and go fuck yourself btw.

That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard! If I should be drowned like a rat... You should have a rat shoved down your throat and left to choke to death on it. 

You should be murdered.

Mankind had the bible as a guidance. It is broken in two parts the old testament ( from Adam n Eve to Moses to Abraham n so on . This was written way way before Jesus Christ Arrival . Moses came back from the burning bush and declared the Ten commandments to.Gods early chosen people the Jews. One of the commandments thy shall not kill. If you are guilty of 1 sin then your guilty of all. The only thing we can do is pray for forgiveness . We are not saved by our actions but by his mercy. Whatever barbaric treatment of gays that happen in the old testament era. Prob had to happen as so human will multiply as god intended for Adam and Eve to.multiply . We wont be here otherwise .

My wife and I have been together for over 16 years. We've never had a threesome, and she hadn't caught my diabetes. We live in the suburbs, run a business together, pay our taxes, try to contribute to our community, and grow vegetables. How on earth can you be so pathetic that that scares you????

How about you drown yourself. My partner and I have been together six years, raise two children, have never had a threesome and are monogamous. How dare you make these assumptions about us. Meanwhile look at your Christian church and see the pain your church has caused tens of thousands through the sexual abuse by priests, teachers and others. You make me sick! 

I've been happily married for some time now.  I've never cheated on my husband and I have never contracted an STD. I cannot speak for others but don't you dare speak for me. You do not know me, my family, or anyone else that you so expertly judged. Really sit down and read what the scripture says. About love, compassion, and sin being sin. Period. Homosexuals are just an easy target for radical right wing people to scrutinize "in the name of Christianity", but fail to realize they are also in the wrong and are sinning against God. 

Hi A non, my relationship is now 24 years! And for the past 2 years we were legally married. I bet you are younger than my relationship and just a poor idiotic little boy playing on the internet in his mommies house, shame....


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