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Anti-Gay 'Occupy Pedophilia' Group Leader Sentenced To Russian Penal Colony

The good news? Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the Russian anti-gay vigilante group "Occupy Pedophilia" who we've seen torture gay youth on camera, has been convicted and sentenced. 

The bad news? He's only being sentenced to five years in a Russian penal colony and the videos of the abuse weren't even used by the prosecution in the case. 

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich was convicted of inciting and fomenting cases of extremism by posting videos on the “Vkontakte” ( social network that contained racial slurs and extremist opinions on Russia’s state of the union,reports Interfax. Videos containing anti-gay statements and abuse were not included in the prosecutor’s case against him, however.


Martsinkevich appears in many of the videos, and is often seen forcibly shaving the victims’ heads in reverse mohawk hairstyles, painting rainbow flags in the shaven areas, forcing the victims to perform sex acts with objects, pouring urine on them, and forcing them to make self-denigrating statements to the camera.

It sounds like prosecutors were bizarrely selective in the evidence that they chose to use to build their case against Martsinkevich. 

​We're sure those Russian penal colonies are from a trip to the day spa, but we would have liked to have seen a stiffer sentence. What do you think, Instincters?


He should've gotten a harsher sentence for sure! May karma take care of business like it usually does!

I think this whole ordeal is terrible. . .what is happening to people when they purposely want to inflict pain or torture on others. those who want to see him tortured are in fact no better than he is. I think he needs a psychic evalutation and needs to be put on severe medication because it is clear as day he is suffering from some mental disorder that is making him that way. on top of that he should be forced to see a therapist to deal with whatever is inside him that makes me even think about doing things to others whether gay or not. I don't really know what to blame for this degeneration in human beings that makes us even less than animals when it comes to how we think and act sometimes but I really hope some scientist one day figures it out and find a cure for it immediately because not even animals are like this guy.

The way the Russian society is homophobic, maybe he'd have gotten an even lighter sentence if they'd used the videos as evidence.



very simple to solve

simply put a bullet in Martsinkevich head so he cant do it any more

this is torture and if I'm not mistaken torture was declared as punishable by death in the Geneva convention

You guys who say you hope he gets raped: you're gross. You think that will teach him to respect gays? No, it won't. You have a sick sense of justice. You sound like old school Christians, actually. Eye for an eye.

I don't know, the guy sounds like he's gay ti me. Trobked, twisted and sadistic, but gay somewhete in thete.

The reality is that most gays deserve this sort of treatment, as we are sick of this FAGGY behavior in public. This is only a publicity stunt for the tourism board of Europe. He wont actually serve a day in prison. Wait to see actual photo of him serving his prison sentence. You will  never see one as he isn't actually in prison.

Where do you get your facts from to speak so certainly of the future? And i don't understand the link to tourism.

Sadly, since he seems pretty popular to certain subcultures, he will most likely come out angrier, stronger, and more criminal-minded.

What kind of vile human are you? Don't bother answering - it's already clear. 

it's good he is sentenced but as you mentioned that the worst evidences were not even used by prosecutors and judge couldn't care less about how terribly worse his deeds were. half of Russians have minds like he has. Putin and Church indulged those fascists with right to use any methods against gays. Things are really bad in Russia now. Human rights exist in Russia in the way Harry Potter exists in England.

I love how all the comments jump to "Let him get raped."  Like that's a good motivational tool.  

Is there black cock in Russia. I hope he gets 5 up his ass at once!! 

I hope he's gang-raped in prison 3 times a day.

After that. They should fist him and wreck his hole

After that. They should fist him and wreck his hole

I want that bastard to suffer the same thing he did to those poor human beings... let him be humiliated... and the best would be like, let him be raped by a dozen guys so that he'll get a dose of his own medicine

and why am i NOT SURPRISED he only received 5 yrs... HOPEFULLY they will take care of him inside... ®

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