Anti-Gay Shock Jock Bradlee Dean: Gays Cause Half The Murders In Large Cities

Bradlee Dean, the heavy metal rockstar-turned-bigoted radio-shock jock, has once again done a golf-clap worthy job of competing with Pat Robertson for the D-Bag of the Week award. While Robertson insists gays are wearing special rings to cut and infect strangers with HIV, Dean has gone one step further to claim that half the murders in large cities are at the hands of the LGBT.

Dean, along with his "Sons of Liberty" co-host Jake McMillan, regurgitated the archaic (and disproved) claim on the August 24 broadcast. The made-up statistic has been traced back to anti-gay rhetoric appearing in a 1992 newspaper column. 

Huffington Post goes further to correct Dean's idiotic and bigoted statement:

It's important to note that other conservatives have used this so-called statistic about homosexuality and murder, usually bundling it with a series of similarly dubious "facts" that allege homosexuals are often child molesters and pedophiles. These statements have been parroted across the Internet and were referenced on Facebook earlier this year by a Michigan GOP official. In each instance, the figures are attributed to the same 1992 column, written by Dr. J. Kaifetz for The Post-Tribune newspaper of Gary, Ind.

Two years ago, curious minds over at the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog tracked down Kaifetz, a Christian evangelist, who told the Center that he could no longer remember the origins of those statistics.

Hatewatch also uncovered some interesting facts about John Martagh, the judge quoted by Kaifetz in his Post-Tribune column. Martagh apparently led a campaign in the 1950s to increase penalties against “perverts,” but Hatewatch was not able to find any independent record of Martagh's quote other than Kaifetz's recollection. Martagh died in 1976but is survived by his son, also named John Martagh, who is a Republican lawmaker supporting, ironically enough, same-sex marriage.

We're not holding our breath to wait for Dean to clarify his claims on an upcoming broadcast.