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Anti-Marriage Equality Group Logo Accidentally Copied Colors From Bisexual Flag

A new anti-marriage equality campaign just made a hilarious mistake with their logo’s design.

Coalition for Marriage is an Australian organization that seeks to bring together groups of people (such as the Marriage Alliance, the Australian Christian Lobby and the Christian Schools Association) who believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Their website boasts that they support the silent majority who oppose the “redefinition of traditional marriage.” In addition, the oppose gender fluidity as they say it negatively affects the home and family dynamic.

The campaign logo

In retrospect, it would have been nice if even one of those supporters had known a little about LGBTQ culture so they could tell the organization about the resemblance the new logo had to the Bisexual flag.

That said, several other people on social media have taken the time to point out the fact that the new logo does share the same colors as the Bisexual flag.



The Coalition for Marriage has yet to respond to the reaction to the logo, but they have to admit…