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Antonio Banderas: 'Homophobes Are Sick, Not Gay People'


Antonio Banderas spoke out in support of gay couples in an interview with Peru's Canal N TV (translation via Gay Star News):

"Those who judge gay couples in an intolerant way, they seem to me to be much more sick," Banderas said.

Gay people on the other hand, "absolutely do not appear to me to be sick," he said.

He went on to reflect on his role in the gay themed 1987 film Law of Desire, directed by Pedro Almodovar, noting that the gay themes were more controversial than the murder in the film:

"The murder was fine, it's something accepted from an artistic point of view," Banderas said.

"But two people of the same sex kissing on screen generated a wave of contradictions at the time."

It could be argued that not much has changed. Banderas also expressed his support for same-sex marriage earlier this month saying that he hoped the Catholic Church would evolve on the issue under Pope Francis I. 

"I think right now the church is inching closer to reality every day. And I think a Latin American pope is making giant steps." 

Thanks for the support, Antonio!


(H/T: Gay Star News)