AP: Federal Appeals Court Will Wait At Least 25 Days Before Allowing Marriage Equality To CA

As the confetti gets cleared from the streets and the hush somewhat dies down after Wednesday's raucous and supreme blow to DOMA and Proposition 8, a clearer picture of the road that remains ahead is emerging. 

One of those roads, the road to full federal marraige equality for Californian gay and lesbian couples, will take at least 25 days before a resolution from the Supreme Court decision is tangible. 

According to the Associated Press:

A federal appeals court said Wednesday it will wait at least 25 days before making a decision on whether gay marriages can resume in California.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said backers of Proposition 8 — the state ban on gay marriages — have that long to ask the Supreme court to rehear the case.

The San Francisco-based court said it may continue to bar gay marriages even beyond that time if proponents of Prop 8 ask for a rehearing.

This much is clear: there is still much work to do.

(Image: AP)



I hate politicians and lawmakers... feet draggers and time wasters.  When will common sense ever trump narrow-minded stupidity?

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