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Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Employees For SF Pride

​Apple CEO Tim Cook proudly showed his support for his LGBT employees as he joined them at San Francisco's Pride Parade on Sunday!


From 9to5Mac

Apple is out in full force including CEO Tim Cook for the Pride Parade in San Francisco today. Apple’s CEO hasn’t ever been ambiguous about his support for GLBT issues and he was joined by Apple Environment Director Lisa Jackson and what looks like thousands of other Apple employees on Market St. in San Francisco today.  

Happy Pride!!


Thanks Apple!  Love you.  - Andrew  : )

THAT's a real, hot man.  I'll take him over a creepy, blue-eyed. gang-banger any day.

The times, they are a changin' are the people.  Progress is being made.    Want more?   Vote Dem.

Please don't bring knee jerk partisan politics into this. "Voting Democrat" doesn't ensure anything. Vote for the person who acts in your interest. Which is generally Democrat... but not always. 

He ought to be out there, he's gay.

Only if he chooses to be. No one should be bullied into doing anything. He's an incredibly active pro gay activist in his own way, everyday.

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