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Archie's Kevin Keller Becomes New Gay Superhero 'The Equalizer'

Archie Comics gay character Kevin Keller is about to become a superhero, y'all!

We've always liked a man in uniform! 

Kevin will be known as "The Equalizer" and the story will play out for a few issues of the comic series, with Keller creator Dan Parent saying that more issues may pop up depending on the response from fans.

Kevin will teaming up with our favorite rich girl, Veronica, who'll act as his billionaire benefactor and puts together his swank Batcave-style lair! 

Talking about the superhero idea and what we can expect, Parent tells IGN:

Well, first of all, we had to pick out a name for him, and since he is gay and stands for equality, he wants to help everybody. We're not just talking about cases of homophobia; we're talking about when some downtrodden person gets hurt. So Equalizer is just sort of a good term. It's not a term that we made up, obviously -- it's been used for batteries and TV shows -- the word's been used before. But it just symbolized him, because he stands for equality, and that's what he's trying to do. When he becomes a superhero, first he helps an old lady who's getting attacked, then he saves this kid from getting made fun of, which, you know, he's been in that place before. Then also, if a real crime is being committed, he'll help stop that too. He's an equal opportunity provider.


We're actually trying to keep it a little more reality based. Mostly it's just based on his physical strength. Whereas the Archie characters, you know, Archie got powers and could actually fly, and they can all do other things. But with this character, we're keeping it more in the realm of, like, a Batman, where he actually depends on his physical prowess -- and then lots of gadgets. In his cave, the guy who kind of monitors what's going on with the crime and kind of invents things for Kevin -- and at the same time, Kevin has the hots for this guy, so it's kind of like a love interest for Kevin too.

We're into it! Head over to IGN for more on Kevin "Equalizer" Keller!!

Look for The Equalizer to debut in Kevin Keller #14 on May 5!