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Are Dolce & Gabbana Closing Their Doors?

Are Dolce & Gabbana closing up shop? In the wake of the duo's tax evasion scandal the pair has taken quite the hit in their native Italy, and the duo is now saying that the financial impact may cause them to shut their doors.

Forbes notes that, "Despite support from fans, the pair has felt persecuted by Italian officials, lamenting that they are ‘being crucified like thieves.’ Their complaints followed on the heels of public statements made by Milan’s councillor for commerce, Franco D’Alfonso."

D'Alfonso publicly stated, "Any time designers Dolce and Gabbana submit requests for public space, the council must keep the doors closed to them. Their fashion is seen as excellent the world over, but we do not need tax evaders to promote us."

Well that's quite the bitch slap.

For their part, Dolce & Gabbana aren't taking it lying down: “We are no longer willing to suffer undeservedly the accusations of the financial police and the income revenue authority, attacks from public ministers and the media pillory we have already been subjected to for years.”

According to Forbes, D’Alfonso has since apologized and claimed his words were taken out of context and “certainly did not express the opinion of the administration.”

Still, the duo has implied that the bad press and the financial hit that they’ve dealt with as a result of the charges may be insurmountable. And if it is??

Domenico Dolce says, “We will close. What do you want us to do? We will close. We will not be able to deal with it. (It’s) Impossible.”


What do you think, Instincters? Will the famed designers soon call it a day??




it is a tough business.  and in italy, g*d only knows what they and their financial managers have been able to get away with.  if they are fixed for life.....of course they might close.  why not?  it's up to them.  

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