Are Some Men Born Bottoms?

Are some men born to be bottoms?

Researchers at the University of Toronto Mississauga surveyed a group of gay men and found that a man's preference to be active (a top) or submissive (a bottom) might actually be encoded in his biology.  

This was determined by finding that gay men fit into biological subgroups, and within these groups, lies a correlation to a man's preferred sexual role.

For instance, men who prefer to bottom are likely to have shown signs of being gender non-conforming, from an early age. 

Writing for Jezebel, Rich Juzwiak spoke to New York Medical College’s David A. Moskowitz, to compare University of Toronto findings to his own work. 

Said Moskowitz:

“I specifically conducted [the “Recognition and Construction of Top, Bottom, and Versatile Orientations in Gay/Bisexual Men”] study to try to prove that anal penetrative role was far more innate than ever thought. We wanted to suggest that role, not unlike sexual orientation, was predetermined by biological factors.

“We found both in the chronology of gay and bisexual men’s self-labeling of their penetrative roles and in their attitudinal measures, evidence to suggest that understanding and assigning a role developed over time. Role orientation was essentially socialized by reactions to sexual trials, with adjustments made in label according to positive and negative outcome efficacies. Put simply, the more good or bad sexual experiences, over time, lead people to a role.

“I still ardently believe that biology plays a vital role in predisposing individuals towards more of a bottom or top orientation."

Do you believe your preferred sexual role was innately determined? 

What are your thoughts regarding the study? 

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