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Are We Meeting, Cybering, Or Flaking?

Are We Meeting, Cybering, Or Flaking?

Has Online Dating Made Us Literal Jerk Offs?

Who doesn’t love a good #InstinctAfterDark question? I have a confession: It’s so rare that I’ll meet up with a guy I’m speaking with off one of those hook-up apps. Yes, I’m that person! I’m not even necessarily a flake, I don’t think!? I’m going out on a whim here, but I believe it’s the moment and possible raunchy, ridiculous sexual conversation I’m having that turns me on the most. I mean, I’m definitely not a prude; but nine times out of ten, I’m going to prefer to meet up with someone who befriended me on Facebook or you know, someone who actually wants to take the time out of his day to take me on a date.

Which brings me to ask: Are we cybering with one another?! I started having this conversation with a few friends in my inner circle and we proceeded to have an honest conversation. Apparently, I'm the only one who tends to sway myself from meeting up with a stranger late at night for a romp. Most of who I was speaking with actually meet up with said individuals! One particular friend thought I was a little odd because I was having these conversations in my bedroom. Are some people really in Target on these apps having conversations of hooking up while getting light bulbs?! I was shocked. Then, I began to think if there was something wrong with me that I have such issues of actually meeting in person but am happy to chat it up with nearly anyone who message me.

Alright, so let’s be real for a second: I’m willing to bet that almost anyone reading this article has likely masturbated while chatting online with someone who they were about to meet up with. Every person that we chat with can't possibly be met - can they? 

Are you flaking on guys from hook-up apps? - or do you actually go through with what you say to people who may never meet?