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Are You A "Gay Jeopardy" Champion?

Are you the Ken Jennings of Gay Jeopardy?

In the wake of Saturday Night Live's ode to cultural esotericsm over the weekend in the form of "Black Jeopardy," some fiery young upstarts have launched an oh-so gay version on Twitter.

Would you be able to chime in to answer any of these in the form of a question?







(Answers: 1. White Party; 2. An open relationship, girl; 3. Sissy that walk!; 4. Molly (Ghost); 5. Orangutan! (Paris is Burning); 6. Bear soup. Yum.)

Check out more questions @gayjeopardy on Twitter!

(h/t: NNN)



Jeigh: actually, Patrick Swayze tells Whoopie to tell Molly that she is in danger.   Whoopie says, "You can't just say it like that!"   She turns back to Molly, (Demi Moore) and says, "Molly, you in danger gurl."

I knew #1 - cuz I'm going :D and #4 I guessed "said by Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost"...does that count?

Umm, that's not what an open relationship is. That's a polyamorous triad.

And it should have been "She in danger, gurl."

Nope.  Only one I knew was #6.

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