Are you lovin' it?

Surely this story will get you more excited than the return of the McRib! According to a Spanish news outlet Hay Noticia, a man in Spain was reportedly thrown out and banned from a McDonald’s after pulling out his penis and placing it between two hamburger buns and yelling “This is real meat! Eat this you f*ckers!” Now that’s what I call food porn. Do they still offer Super Size?

This took place inside a large mall outside of Jerez. Authorities arrived and removed the screaming man. The restaurant manager claims “I heard the screams, I won’t repeat what he was saying, but it was related to his ‘meat’ and his intimate parts, then I saw him revealing his penis to the customers and I sent for the police to throw him out immediately.” No word if the man meat came with secret sauce.

The man has been charged for the public scandal but has declared that he will fight back because “the real scandal should be what they try to sell us as ‘meat’, makes you want to become a vegan with that shit. It’s true that my protest wasn’t very refined, but it came from the soul.” The dick burger got a lot of attention and apparently the man was asked for his phone number. “Looks like people want my meat more than theirs,” he said.



Hi. "Hoynoticia" is a humoristic site. So, the news is  not real.

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