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Are You Surprised By The LGBT Community's Top-Perceived Brand?

If you were asked “if you've heard anything about [a particular] brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?”, how would you respond?

According to YouGov Brand Index's 18,000 respondents who self-identify as LGBT, the answer in 2014 is Costco.

After placing 14th in 2013's survey, Costco surged a massive 13 spots to outpace regular top fivers Netflix, Panera and YouTube (last year's winner) as the top-perceived brand in the LGBT community. 

More from the press release:

The Human Right Campaign gave Costco a score of 90 out of a possible 100 points in its most recent Corporate Equality Index Rating, an assessment of LGBT policies in the workplace, And job site Glassdoor just cited Costco as one of the three best companies to work for in America because of their pay and benefit packages.

Netflix held steady in the second place spot, while like Costco, Panera Bread made a big jump, from number 19 last year to number 3 this year. Last fall, Panera CEO Ron Schaich took what is known as the “SNAP Challenge” – eating at poverty levels for $31.50 for one week. The chain is known for donating their unsold food to local hunger relief and recently announced they are removing all artificial ingredients by 2016.

Apple and Subway both re-appear on the top 20 ranking after not being on it last year. Debuts on this year’s top 20 ranking include Ace Hardware, Subaru, Lowe’s, Johnson & Johnson, V8 juice, Home Depot, Maytag and Bose. V8 also debuted on this year’s best perceived brands by fathers that YouGov BrandIndex released earlier this month.

Target, Aflac, M&Ms and HBO, among others, fell out of the Top 20 altogether in a year bursting with surprises. 

But on the positive side of things, a handful of brands that regularly show their love for the gay community debuted in this year's Top 20, including: Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Subaru, Bose and more. 

Here's the full Top 20 "Top-Percieved" Brands by the LGBT community:

For more, head to YouGov.

Did the voters get it right?​






At the Home Depot I work for at least a quarter of the employees are LBGTQ

Home Depot gives to Anti Gay Groups! I Never shop there!

Samsung hasn't done anything for gay people.

Subaru? Don't confuse advertising with support. When are they ever gonna get a 100% on the HRC Corp Equity Index? Toyota, Ford, GM all have.

You should re-read the headline. This is about perception. 

How has Subaru not always been in the top 20?  They've been massively pro-LGBT for decades, before all of the other cool kids were.  Well done, at last. 

Panera is an ultra - religious company with sexist and homophobic roots. 

This country has sexist and homophobic roots, it doesn't mean it can't evolve.

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