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Ariana Grande Defends Big Brother Frankie From Homophobic Attack On Instagram

Things have been intensifying for openly-gay Big Brother 16 contestant Frankie Grande both on the hit reality show and off. Lucky for him, little sis Ariana Grande has his back on social media while he's fighting his way to be the last person standing in the Big Brother house. 

Case in point: someone called Frankie "that homo" on Instagram Monday, and Ariana took the time to put the troll in its place with this personalized response:

“That ‘homo’ is the fiercest, most incredible, funniest, most intelligent, kind hearted and most LOVED person on the face of the planet! he also cleaned up his game and told the truth to everybody in the house WHICH by the way, nobody else on the show has done. so i don’t give a flying fuck if or when he comes home!!! he is incredible and i am SO proud!!!! oh and also ‘that homo’ gets more ass than you’ll ever get in your life. k miss thing?”

Kinda cute, right?

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I have never seen a faggot act like what ever the hell it is man nor woman just sick I would be ashamed if I had a brother or child like that

I have to say as a gay man I am ashamed of Frankie,  he is a horrible stereotype that so many of us have proved is not the norm.  I personally have been legally married for 1 year and in my relationship for 13 years.  In three months this horrible man has given the public a stereotype that will be remembered.  This man is 31 not 21,  Grow up. And who really cares who his sister is.  She should be ashamed of enabling this nasty little troll.  And his comment to Cody,  I have had better.  I agree but Frankie had to pay for it.  In 20 years Frankie will be a dried up Queen.  His future is sad.  And now I am just being mean.  Frankie,  see a dermatologist to cover up those pock marks.  Wearing so much makeup makes you look like Victoria.

I have to say as a gay man I am ashamed of Frankie,  he is a horrible stereotype that so many of us have proved is not the norm.  I personally have been legally married for 1 year and in my relationship for 13 years.  In three months this horrible man has given the public a stereotype that will be remembered.  This man is 31 not 21,  Grow up. And who really cares who his sister is.  She should be ashamed of enabling this nasty little troll.  And his comment to Cody,  I have had better.  I agree but Frankie had to pay for it.  In 20 years Frankie will be a dried up Queen.  His future is sad.  And now I am just being mean.  Frankie,  see a dermatologist to cover up those pock marks.  Wearing so much makeup makes you look like Victoria.

I AM GAY......  and it's very hard to be taken seriously, without people seeing the "over the top" images that the media, television and movies have so generously painted of our lifestyle.

It sickens me as a GAY MAN to see Frankie Grande and his "over the top antics" on Big Brother.

He is a walking billboard for the types of gay roles models we should "AVOID".

I guess it was OK to show Jack from Will & Grace, because it put the topic of homosexuality in the forefront of America.  15 yrs later, Frankie Grande and his clown-like antics should be seen as offensive to gay people.  Frankie does not stand for the "GAY COMMUNITY", as so many in the media are saying.  He is an aberration in our community.  

Frankie Grande should be viewed as Rip Taylor, an old stereotype of the past, not a modern role model for our cause.  

Why are people homophobic?  Because of people like Frankie.  Showing us the dark side of a gay man, who's into his own agenda & glory using anyone and everyone with his over the top persona.  NOT ALL GAY PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS!!  

Most of us just want to be treated like everyone else.

We want to get married, raise a family, work happily along co-workers and maybe save for retirement.  (Nothing different than anyone else)

Please look elsewhere for your gay role models, not Big Brother and certainly not Frankie Grande.

Frankie is a flaming faggot. A man should act like a man. Not a frickin' chick. It's disgusting. I hope he is assassinated or dies upon leaving the house.

Frankie is a PIG. And if you follow the live feeds, you know what a disgusting, vile human being he is. Way to "represent" Franco!

truth is, Frankie is a spineless dickhead! has nothing to do with him being gay, He is a pussy and talks a lot of shit about everyone but don't have the balls to tell them to there face! Don't give to shits about anyone but himself! He chews with his mouth open and is a dirty pig. His mother should have taught him better! F.Y.I. I checked his fb and you tube shit, He doesn't even come close to a million followers! LMAO. His sister can stick up for him as much as she wants, It;s his sister, Fact is Frankie is skankie!

Frankie over acts his gayship., and thats why lots of people dont like him. We women are not like he is. We are not so scandolous as "he" is. But, to each his own. As a mexican president said many years ago : "el respeto al derecho ajeno, es l paz." Respect others if you wantrespect for you. He dicho.

Woohoo,,,,,, yeah,,!!!!!!!!!!


Okay first time i ever comment on this "blog?" But reading all the stuff that have been said makes me realize that none of it matters really... I mean we all grow in different environments we all become amazing unique humans with great capacities... I don't get why people need to "hate" like they said in the previous comments or does anyone have to defend this Frankie ( he sounds awesome btw and i have a celeb crush on his sis not the point here) we all die at the end for some reason why bother yourselves in judging or hating or what ever. What you say here won't matter cause nobody gives a shit in the end... Plus you are all being manipulated by media i mean it's obvious. This is helping Frankie and this blog become more famous which is good and normal and all. Just remember don't take it personally cause we all got issues and problems we gotta deal with in life and this shouldn't matter (unless in some weird way you're being payed to comment on blogs). We are all the same at the end of the day. One species or what ever. And stop hating on the gays i mean you're not one how can you judge.

I love Frankie because he is who he is. The thing that gets me about the gay people that is commentibg is you are afraid he gives you a bad name or makes you look bad. That in itself is judgemental and makes me sick. Its like saying every every black quaterback in like Michael vic fighting dogs or every single female is desperste for a man because that is what we see on tv. Stop judging. There are all types of people and personalities. If you are fighting for equality you must understand that peole are different. Why should he stop being who he is because you are afraid people will judge you for it? Seriously think here. Those who would assume you are the same person as he is just because you are gay are beyond looking at you as an individual anyway. There is not one person on that show who I can even remotely ssy represents me or anything about me.

if you don't like Frankie 's way and gays go join and live with the government who think like you in the USSR and get the hell out of America , land of the free !

The USSR has not existed for over 20 years now moron.  And people do not hate Frankie because he is gay ... they hate him because he is a backstabbing hypocrite and a needy loudmouthed attention whore.

He was asking to be bashed, as his gross OVER THE TOP fag act is absurd. Gays who act like total flamers, saying GURL all the time are worthless and should be tossed into the slag heap!

It doesn't matter if a person is a gay or not, there are straight people(Guys) who say GIRL all the time, and all that. So don't go judging gays, because it is not just gays. & For fuck sake we are in 2014, why can't the world get over themselves and let people be who they want to be with out some ass wipe saying some stupid shit about them. Frankie is amazing, and I am sure he could care less what you, a no body has to say about him.


The way Frankie acts does not define the gay community! He openly shows he's gay and the way he acts is just his personality! Just the same as everyone else (gay, straight, bi, ect) if u see a straight comedian laughing and telling too many jokes are u going to start bashing him for acting the way a comedian acts? Why would u bash a gay dancer for prancing around and acting like a gay dancer? It just doesnt make sense to me the way people can judge someones personality just because its not like your own! We each have our own lives to live and act how we choose! Be your own person and stop worrying about who everyone else is!

Stupidity and ignorance!

FYI who the fuck do you think started standing up to the NYPD in 1969 @ Stonewall Inn? The drag queens from Harlem. These brave men, in full drag fought for their freedom to be who they really were! Leave Frankie alone!
He's just being himself, out and proud!

Wow, I am not gay and I am totally shocked by the hatred and judgement of this man (Frankie). He is proud of who he is and is not afraid to show it. To those of you that call him out as giving your community a bad image should look in the mirror and figure out what your lacking in confidence that you have to rely on a community to validate who you are. I may be part of the heterosexual community but I'll be damed if I let the actions or behaviour of another heterosexual devine who I am. Just be happy with yourself and dont be afraid to prance if that makes you happy.

if you watched bigbrother you will understand why the guy on instagram called him a homo. By the way he ain't lying; he is just calling it as he see it. he is a homo and he(Frankie) and his sister should be happy and proud  of what he is.

All these haters just aren't getting enough ASS... as Ari most eloquently put it

I have no problem with Frankie being gay...I'm gay, too...but don't act like he made some crazy hard confession...all it was was a BRAG FEST!! I'm famous, I'm a social media mogul, my sister is a mega, mega star (she's not...yet), I'm working for a charity for kids in Africa...Frankie is so full of himself and just wants FAME. I can't wait until he leaves the house...but I could care less that he's gay. Cheers!


Very well put.  His disgusting narcissism makes me totally ill, but I could otherwise care less about his sexuality. 

Thank you!!!!! Total Brag Fest!

WOW people! Get a life!!! Don't be a haters!!! 

But he's a MAN not a WOMAN! He should be acting like a man, not a little school girl. 

But you are HUMAN not a ASSHOLE! You should be acting like a HUMAN, not a stupid biggot. 

Go walk in traffic..

It's very funny how a rain drop that landed on a cows shit, is judging a rain drop that landed on a rose ;-)

Frankie is not my favorite homosexual to hit TV land, HOWEVER I'm disgusted by some of this narrow minded bullshit the "straight acting and appearing" and the self righteous judgmental gays are trying to push. Where the hell were you types in the early days? If it wasnt for the prancing feminine queens, drag queens, and leather community, you'd be still in your closet sucking dick at the park. Show some damn respect for diversity and stop judging someone cause they are feminine.

Great response Wes - I completely agree with you - we are as diverse as a rainbow and Frankie is living his own life and nobody has the right to judge.  He represents himself, not the gay community - Do we say that every dick move from a straight person is representative of  the Heterosexual community?

HOLLA! Totally agree 1000%!

Well said! I agree with you 100%

When people say he's too feminine and they think their not??? It's funny the same gay's that think no one can tell is the same ones everyone see's just like frankie. So don't get on him unless you get on yourself. I've only seen a handful of gay guys who could fool anyone to think their straight the rest of you need to get over yourself because we all can tell and we all know so Don't be mad at Frankie cause he's cute and feminine. And by the way is is still very cute and attractive just the way he is . Some of ya'll wouldn't say that stuff to anyone's face just here in computer land so bye Felicia.

Frankie is a fruit loop and he's trying to turn Zach gay. Shame on him.

Zach is too stupid to figure out how to put his hat on.  I cannot think of a couple I care less about.

Woooow. Hardly any of you deserve equal rights with the judgmental, self-righteous, hateful comments you're giving. It's people like you (gay or straight) who think everyone should act one way who make this world boring. One one hand you don't want to be judged as a gay person and on the other hand you judge this kid with such harsh words. Really? Ya'll make me ashamed to be in the lgbt community much more than Frankie does.

My words exactly!

WELL,  AS A GAY MAN MYSELF, I cant stand Frankie, he is the typical pretentious faggot, that gives all gay men a bad name, the ONLY reason he has any type of fame is because he is piggybacking off the fame of his sister, do you really think he would have been on BB if he didn't let them know he was her brother, I think not.

He needs to grow up and make a life on his own, and not rely on his sisters fame or his family name to get him by, sure he grew up privileged in a wealthy family and area of Florida, but I bet anyone here that he can't even balance his own checkbook at the end of the month.

And that to me is just sad. This is an ongoing issue within the gay community, young good looking pretentious teens and twinks, playing it up to get by, by any means possible, not caring about who they use or trample over to get ahead, but at the end of the day don't have the means to balance a checkbook, or have a foot to stand on. I have seen this far too much in my lifetime, and yes, I was one of those teens, but I realized that I was not getting anywhere doing that. I see a lot of myself in Frankie, I too grew up privileged, and used my name to get ahead, but that was short lived and I fell flat, then rebuilt myself up from scratch, I just don't want to see him do that.

Gay on gay crime? Really? Shame on you. 

I agree with yoou 100%, I mean as I gay man we ask for tolerance and acceptance of diversity and WE (by we I mean Karl)  cannot do the same with our won community! PLEASE!! Shame on you Karl!

We don't ask for, we demand, tolerance for who we are.  That does not mean that we all have to accept the BEHAVIOR of people who are complete douchebags whether they are straight or gay.  A gay man who acts lags a bragging, pretentious tool deserves to be called out regardless of who his little sister may be.

Flamboyant is an understatement. He didn't walk, he prances like a school girl. And he's a cry baby. He DOES make the LGBT community look bad! At a time when our community is looking for acceptance and equal rights, he is not helping our cause. Trust me, I hear it all around me, people talking about him with all the homophobic slurs. And they think he's representative of the gay community! It's disheartening, to say the least.

What i find truly disheartening is how discriminatory the lgbt community is. You criticize him for being a bad representation of the gay community. And as far as him "prancing?" What is wrong with that. I dont know him at all but i do know that he is a dancer. Regardless. When the gay community is fighting for acceptance from the world, we cant even accept certain people in our own community. You may not act as they do, be as flamboyant as they are, or have anything in common. But does that matter? They are still part of this community fighting for acceptance like you. They gay pride flag is a rainbow. It represents people of all "colors" or types coming together to promote the equality of our community. Yet reading your posts among others just shows we shouldnt have the rainbow but rather 7 different flags. Each its own color.

I totally agree with you! Our community is becoming so full of spite and hatred for our own people. It makes me sick to think that we have fought so hard to be equal and yet our own community attacks itself! Sick and pathetic! I love a gay, straight, bi, transgendered, purple, blue, etc....

one more thing, Frankie is not giving the gay community a bad name, the hate filled gays commenting negatively about him and/or any other person give us a bad name!!!

amen to that, read my post

Most wonderful response anyone could hope for, from their sibling! She is amazing and so is he! "Live your own life, just be YOU" % comments all you haters!

Most wonderful response anyone could hope for, from their sibling! She is amazing and so is he! "Live your own life, just be YOU" % comments all you haters!

Awe don't pick on him he's playing a great game!  

I can only pray he gets evicted from that show. He gives all those who sterotype us reason to do so. He is flamboyant beyond words. There are too many people watching him and thinking he reflects our community. And the pink hair shit has go to GO!

I find Frankie annoying as all hell but   I'm sure he is a fine person in his own right.

And he's not representing the lgbt community. Hes representing himself and he is doing his own thing. Everytime we see a "straight" entertaineri dont go oh my god look how he's representing the straight community. I usually say oh look at that dumb ass.

I love Ariana Grande for sticking up for Frankie. Frankie is awesome and is just playing the game. 

@david baros speak for yourself. If the way frankie acts is a direct reflection on you, then that is a cross you will have to bare unfortunately. As for me,.the only the only person that can make me look bad is myself. And the "community" doesnt need frankies assistance in looking bad. With all the hatred and

bitterness and hypocrisy going on, they got it covered

He gives human beings a bad name. And so what if he admitted to everyone that he's her brother. Big deal.  Are they supposed to suddenly forget everything he's done? He calls himself a mogul. LOL! Twinkle Toes is riding on his sister's coat tails. I'm less than impressed with him on so many levels. In his defense, I think he is young and has a LOT of growing up to do. 

And what exactly has he done? Lie manipulate, double cross! Ok so what? Do you watch big brother? Have you seen it in the? Lol your issue isnt how he is playing the game because he is not alone in his machinations

With his despicable behavior on this stupid program, I feel he gives the LGBT community a bad name/image.

For one i think your brother is awesome..and i loved that you said that about your brother..and always those who think that way are small minded...and i hope he gets more sex then the dumbass that said a mean word to him..

wowwwwwwwwwww  I love ARIIIIII

That is SO gangster, whole new level of respect for her!!!

I have a whole new respect for Ariana Grande. I love Frankie. He's my favorite houseguests on Big Brother.

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