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Ariana Grande's Gay Brother Announced As Big Brother 16 Houseguest

While Ariana Garnde fills everyone's playlists this summer, brother Frankie Grande will be filling everyone's DVRs; Frankie, a social-medialebrity and fearless gay fashionista, has been announced as one of Big Brother 16's houseguests. 

It sounds like viewers can expect Frankie to play the game in stark contrast to the strategy the helped affable Andy (the openly gay winner of last year's Big Brother) be the last houseguest standing.

“I have a dual strategy,” he told Zap2It. “First is, if I’m recognized, I need to go for the win immediately—​go for the jugular, get in power and then do damage control once I’m in power. I’m hoping I find a strong woman that wants to be manipulatively ruthless.” 

Ariana wished her big brother well as soon as the casting news was announced:

Big Brother 16 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, June 25th at 8 p.m. Will you be rooting for Frankie?



I agree, after all, they didn't add the adjective "straight" or "redneck" to describe any of the other 15 contestants.  Rock their world Frankie!

Are you commenters aware that Instinct is a LGBT friendly site. To so many of us who dont know who this guy is (for example me), we will wonder why it has to make news on a gay network. The title is very much so necessary.

Secondly, it is very important for a "gay" label. It is a composite of our identity. We need/find security and some peace of mind - hence why you subscribe to Instinct. It's a community and it will be in our "instinct" to find it.


Why do you absolutely have ti say "Ariana Grande's gay brother"? Why not just "Ariana Grande's brother"? Why do the media always have to label everyone? I love gays, but really, there is no need to label it on them, they know who they are, sexuality should'nt define you and others opinion about you!

i hate gays and ur mom 



They dont like u either,im straight but gay people r the mist fun to hang with,they have ur back no matter what,i used to thunk like u then i saw how stupid i was

H8rts r lonely vessels

why does him being gay have absolutely anything to do with this? you should have just left it at 'ariana grande's brother.'

thank you. I love gay people, and so do many... but why must they put that in the heading of this article?


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