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Arizona Citizens Protest Bill Legalizing Refusal To Serve Gays

Protesters rallied in Arizona on Friday in protest of the "Religious Protections" bill which has passed in the state's House and Senate and which will allow businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians. The bill is currently awaiting signature or veto from Republican Gov. Jan Brewer.

Check out video from the protests courtesy of CNN:

Gov. Brewer can be reached at (602) 542-4331 or (520) 628-6580 if you'd like to call and urge her to veto the bill. 


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad/ New Civil Rights Movement)


They can still refuse service to gsys if they use their religious beliefs as an excuse! Thats what "religious validation" does!!

I just read the law itself, it doesn't say "don't serve gays" it just validates freedom of religion.  I doubt that this will allow one to deny gays service or any other thing of that kind.  

I never thought I would see the day where we would go back before there were rights and equality starting in the right direction.  Arizona along with other states that have passed or trying to pass laws that will allow discrimination against LGBT Americans.  Living in Florida I support anyone who stands to tell Governor Brewer to not sign the bill into law.

Everyone deserves to be free of bigotry and discrimination.    I thought this was 2014, not 1954.  It seems that Arizona is trying to return us back to a time that homosexuals feared for their lives.

The impact on Arizona's economy is going to be huge if Brewer signs this. It will hurt tourism which is a huge industry for the state. There will be a large push to get next year's Super Bowl moved. The law is unconstitutional and will not stand up in court. Businesses are already pushing Brewer to veto it.

Arizona should be taken off "Statehood" and one star removed from our Flag...and let it  become an island of its own...Arizona will become known as the discriminatory.state which begets Hatred against "Gay People" this is not the stone age .  I'm too disgusted to continue any more comments it may get too nasty.  

This Bill will legalize discrimination & hate!! It MUST NOT be signed into law!! 

If it is signed, we must all boycott Arizona totally!!

I winter in AZ. If this bill passes, I will move on over to California as will my entire group of snow birds.

This is the 21st Century -- not the 1600's when the pilgrims were forced out of Europe on Religious grounds.. If they want our $$$$ then Stop this madness.. Religion has no place in Government...

All States that discriminate against another section of society need to be taken out office.. 

I for one will never spend my money in a country/state that discrimates it's fellow man/woman on religious/sexual/or colour this is not the 1960's or or the middle ages... 

The thing that baffles me the most is that they're saying it's not discrimination-it's about religious freedom. Well, why is it only targeted at gay people? Why don't they refuse to serve divorced people, Jews or people who masterbate. That would be against their religious beliefs too. It's very blatant discrimination against specifically gays. It's so very obvious. 

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