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Arizona Pizzeria "Reserves Right To Refuse Service To" Anti-Gay State Legislators

If Arizona state legislators find themselves wanting Chicago-style pizza in Tucson, they might be out of luck. In response to the state house's passage of a bill allowing refusal of service to gays, Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria has instituted a new policy of its own. 

"We reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona legislators," the new sign posted at Rocco's warns. The caption for the image, which has already received nearly 5,000 shares and more than 10k likes, reads, "Funny how just being decent is starting to seem radical these days."

In addition to the above image posted on the restaurant's Facebook page, Rocco's owners posted this message to their Feed: "As a longtime employer and feeder of the gay community, Rocco's reserves the right to eject any State Senators we see fit to kick out. That is all." 

Who wants to go to Rocco's for lunch?



If they take your rights away, take their rights away.

I would be proud to eat pizza there if I did not live in Connecticut.  Very proud to see people fighting against discrimination.  I cant believe people think this way in government in 2014.  Time to clean house in AZ folks.  Ill be watching.  Good luck and God Bless You

What the business/professional community needs to do is to develop some kind of standard sign that says, "We don't discriminate against anyone" or "We're proud to serve everybody," or something of the sort. Display those prominently. Put decals on your doors. Attach them to your outdoor signs. That way, people who oppose this nonsense (and I suspect there are a lot of them) will know where to get their pizza or their oil changed or buy their groceries or get their medical care. The legislature has just dealt a blow to business owners and professionals all over the state. I don't know if you have a state sales tax, but if you do, they've also just dealt a blow to the state coffers. Discrimination is not only immoral, it's bad for business.

I'm so loving your comment. 

Stupid close mind people still are around .. It's 2014 people get over it . 

I will support this establishment because of this.

Read this report. I hope this is true:

I'll be passing through Tucson on myway toVegas in June and I think I know where I'll be stopping

If she signs it I think NFL should pull the Superbowl and any big item event that will hurt more than anything

I've gotten together with a number of other private practice physicians and all called her office, telling them that we'll now be asking about patients' beliefs about the bill, and will be sending them elsewhere if they agree with it.  Her office rep was SHOCKED, and I got to smile a little. 

JayBird  Your governor IS in favor of this.  Don't forget she has been for a lot of legislation that has been controversial and "in the face" of the fed government.   This is what happens when you mix religion with politics.This Bill is a 2 edged sword.   What is good for the goose is good for the gander.   The rest of the states with the same type of bill are in for a big surprise as well.

As a gay Arizona resident I find this appalling and will truly be ashamed to be a native Arizonan if this passes. I hope our Gov. Brewer will see this for the mistake it is and throw it out.

I hope she doesnt pass it either but ill be moving to Washington state in June. Arizona will never pass the law for same sex marriage

Horray for Rocco's. What a good idea! I love it. Arizona should be embarrassed and ashamed for passing such a  discriminatory bill.

I certainly would, if I could.  It would mean a 2500 mile commute.

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