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Arizona Republicans Attempt Another Bill Legalizing Discrimination Of Gays

They may have embarrassed themselves in front of the entire country, but Arizona's GOP is not quite finished trying to enshrine unnecessary legislation allowing for discrimination against gays into state law. Arizona SB 1062 suffered a horrific public fate, but state republicans are now throwing their weight behind HB 2481. The month-old bill would allow anyone, religious or public servant, to refuse to solemnize a marriage because JESUS. 

Talking Points Memo reports:

The proposed bill language says that: "the government may not require a minister to solemnize a marriage that is inconsistent with the minister's sincerely held religious beliefs."

Gay marriage, it should be noted, is not legal in Arizona.

The problem, according to gay rights advocates, is that the definition of "minister" is broad: "an individual who is authorized to solemnize a marriage" under Arizona law. The relevant statute includes state and local judges as well as justices of the peace and members of the clergy.

"It's on our radar. We are watching it. We do have concerns about it," Rebecca Winiger, president of Equality Arizona, a gay rights group, told TPM in a phone interview. "Not necessarily the part where ministers do not have to perform them in line with the tenets of their faith because that follows state law."

"But the definition of ministers does flow down to judges, which is in direct conflict with some of the already established judicial ethics policies. It would just create confusion."

So far, a surge of sponsorship in the days after Jan Brewer's veto of 1062 has seen 35 names attached to 2481. 


Think the best thing we can do is blog any where and everywhere and bring it to the Politic Correct attention one more. Then maybe the NFL will pull the Super Bowl and Business will reapply the pressure.

I meant 5th amendment didn't think I needed you to correct me

I see this as just another attempt to express hatred towards same sex couples. What are they so afraid of? 

We should just call for a national boycott of Arizona until they stop this rediculous discrimination and accept that some people are different and they're NOT hurting anybody. Does Anita Bryant live in Arizona, or something?

"What are they so afraid of".  I had no idea that we are so powerful that we can bring big, butch Republicans to their knees.  Are they also shaking in their boots?  Maybe they just need a healthy shot of testosterone.

No clergy of any religion can be forced by the government or any other group to officiate at a marriage that hey do not wish to do.  Clergy often refuse to marry straight couples - often for a very good reason.  This law is plain stupid. 

To paraphrase Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry... Go ahead Arizona, make my day! 

I've already canceled a vacation to Sedona, and rebooked my trip to Las Vegas. I won't ever set foot in AZ again until they get rid of their hate-mongering GOP Tea Party a**holes in State Government! 

Who are these Arizonians that keeps voting for these people - really stupid and makes  Arizona a laughingstock of the world.

Really Arizona ?

when will these religious zealots understand they already have the protection UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION (AMENDMENT 2) of not being forced to marry gay people.  The sad truth is that most of those in the gay community are not seeking a marriage sanctioned by the CHURCH.  They are seeking a civil marriage(which is government) because there in lies the benefits financially which are not in a religious marriage. But they (the Morally indignant;  oops I mean the Religious hierarchy) want to force their beliefs into government laws; which is clearly a violation of the separation of  Religion and Government.

It's the first amendment that protects religious freedom.  The second amendment is the right to bear arms.

thanks for the correction   wrote my response while still being infuriated.

Well it should be an amendment to protect gay rights and bullying then Shawn I knew there was a reason I hated government and history in high school...Oh and the 5 amendment protects against making statements that can incriminate you in a Shawn you better plead the 5th

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