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Arizona State Senator Steve Gallardo Comes Out As Gay

​Arizona state Senator Steve Gallardo publicly came out as gay on Wednesday. To say that Arizona has been in the spotlight in recent weeks with regards to gay issues would be an understatement.

AZ Central reports:

State Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, disclosed he is gay at a news conference Wednesday morning, saying the furor over Senate Bill 1062 prompted his decision to go public.

“Two weeks ago was a difference, Feb. 19 was an actual game changer,” Gallardo told a select group of reporters, referring to the date the Senate debated and passed SB 1062.


Gallardo, 45, said he spent last weekend contemplating how to make widely known what his friends and family have known for a long time.

“I am gay, I’m a Latino, I’m a state senator and it’s OK,” he said.

Way to stand and be counted, Sen. Gallardo! 




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