'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell's 'Superhero Workout' Videos Hit The Web

We have a huge appreciation for all that Arrow star Stephen Amell does to keep himself in fighting shape--and now these videos of Stephen's "Superhero workout" are making the rounds of the interwebs!

We can't say we mind!


Nope, when the results look like this, we don't mind at all! 


(H/T: NNNext)



Oh my god!!

he deserves to be in justice league movie

Definitely!!! Stephen Amell is the definitive Green Arrow- and he has never been so cool!!

Stephen Amell in American Ninja Warrior.....NOW!

I do love Canadians. I find them all to be, so surprisingly "life-like."  

Who knew they were grown in pods.  

Pods made of mysterious ROGERS & PURDY'S CHOCOLATE.  

Resistance is Futile, Be-a-Cha-Chas!  

Yeah, except he's Canadian....

I totally agree.....I say that on facebook all the time.....

Hes sooo hot id eat him for brekfast hehehe or he cude eat me lol xx

loving the parkour workout, i hope the arrow starts using alot more parkour

Loved to know you diet now dude!!!!

hahahah look the tatoos:) photoshop hahah

they actually aren't photoshopped. he spends hours with makeup artist to get the scars and the tatts on. he said it on the Quiver podcast the one episode. Go look it up.

-_- its the lens moron

Looking hot

Awesom video..gr8 efforts by Stephen..shows tat he's a superhero in reality too.. 

It's a Achually quite a good story and it does help that he is always shirtless and sexy as hell

damn i really need to watch more ofton 

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