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Artist Composes Tom Daley Portrait Out Of Anti-Gay Hate Tweets

Wow! UK artist Conor Collins has created a portrait of British diver Tom Daley made up entirely of the homophobic hate tweets Daley has received since coming out. 

It's pretty incredible!!

Collins writes on Instagram:

My finished portrait of @tomdaley1994 made out of the homophobic tweets sent to him when he came out as in a relationship with a man #art #arty #tomdaley#tomdaley1994 #diver #olympics #gay #gallery#homophobia #workofart #wordpainting #uk#greatbritain #unionjack #image #instaart #instagood#instagramart #painting #portrait #picoftheday #canvas

What do you think of Collins' artistic response to so much hate, Instincters? 


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I think it's a great statement, no matter what vile filth some people come up with, you stand tall and proud. The artist has done an amazing job.

Does Tom Daley like it? It has not been mentioned on his Twitter feed yet and he is always gracious when it comes to people recognizing him. However, I do understand the artist's gesture or at least I hope I do and it's not just for his personal publicity at TD's expense, and it's more creative than anything I could do.

It would have been nicer if the tweets used were the ones that came from his fans as opposed to his haters.

I think  Conor Collins's point was to make Art out of comments that are vile.

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