Artist Surprised During Performance By Lover She Hasn't Seen In Decades

Peerless performance artist Marina Abramović has earned a new set of fans in Millenials due to her proximity to Lady Gaga,  who are helping a little-known video from her legendary 2010 show at NYC's Museum of Modern Art go viral on social media three years later. 

During "The Artist Is Present," Marina shared a minute of silence with each stranger that sat across from her during the show. 

But things got really interesting when Ulay, Marina's former lover and artistic partner surprised her after decades apart. Though Marina had no prior knowledge of Ulay's appearance, the speechless moment seemed to really hammer in the meaning of the performance. 

Grab a tissue.





Wow...  this went viral *months* ago, waaaaay behind here. lol  Also, it turns out she had seen him before the exhibit, she was just unaware that he would be coming and sitting in the chair, so the whole thing is somewhat misleading.

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