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Artists Shoshana Bean and Travis Wall Created A Stunning Cover of "The Greatest Showman's" Theme Song

Shoshana Bean and Travis Wall released their take on the Greatest Showman’s “This is Me.”

Broadway veteran Shoshana Bean recently released this new cover, which is technically a cover of herself. Bean, who’s played on Broadway as Elphaba on Wicked (among other things), originally recorded the demo for the Benj Pasek and Justin Paul song that would become the theme for Hugh Jackman’s circus musical.

To go with this updated and acoustic version of the song, Bean enlisted the help of acclaimed dancer-choreographer Travis Wall.

Wall is beloved for his work in the world of dance. His work on So You Think You Can Dance earned itself an Emmy and he’s even worked with Olympian Adam Rippon for his Stars on Ice routine.

Together, the two decided to not only cover the song but to heighten it with a stunning video.

In the video, found below, the two decided to tackle ugly and hateful words like Fag, Sinner, and Vile. Then, they decided to wear these words with pride and confidence.

“Fag. Unworthy. Small. Reckless. Invisible. Failure. Weak. Sinner. Vile. Homo. A few words that have been used against me,” Wall wrote on Instagram. “Message is simple, take something negative and turn it into something positive. Bold. Worthy. Strong. Safe. Standout. Champion. Brave. Survivor. Beautiful. Perfect.”

You can check out the video below.



Love you Travis.

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