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Athletes Go Bare In New Calendar To Save Temple's Men's Gymnastics Team

Now this is a campaign we can get behind! 

Temple University has voted to cut the men's gymnastic team!! Well we can't let that happen that happen for obvious reasons. 

Thankfully those entrepreneurial supporters of the team aren't going down without a fight!

According to Philly Mag, on Saturday, alumni members of the Men's Gymnastics team got together to shoot a steamy calendar, which will be available for purchase, and which the team hopes will provide them with the necessary funds to continue! 

Did we mention that the team is financially self-sustained? (Why is Temple cutting it again??)

Kory Aversa, the boyfriend of gay Temple alum and former teammember Dashiell Sears (who will appear in the calendar) tells Philly Mag:

  • The group has one of the most dedicated alumni bases, with a 25-percent donation rate, compared to a 7-percent donation rate of the overall Temple alumni base.
  • The team is self-sustained with a combination of tuition money and donations. It is not an expense to the university.
  • The team operates on a budget less than the helmet and chinstrap budget of the Temple Football Team.
  • The team’s GPA is the highest of all teams at the university for the past 3 years.
  • The team has one of the best winning records of all team’s at the university.
  • Team has been around since 1926.

UPDATE: Calendar pre-sales are available here. The calendar will officially go on sale March 1.

Also those who want to get involved with the Temple Men's Gymnastics team's campaign, you can contact Clay Stewart at  

And getting "involved" doesn't mean offering to be a fluffer, gentlemen!

It doesn't mean that!!

Head over to Philly Mag for more behind-the-scenes shots of Saturday's shoot from photographer Michael Thomas:

Will you help save Temple Men's Gymnastics, Instincters?


(H/T: PhillyMag via Instinct reader Raul) 

Image Credit: Michael Thomas


I love how people use their bodies to make money; when it's for something of importance and helpful to others Can't wait to buy a calendar, keep it up!!

This is the link where you can buy a calendar:  


Thanks guys for the kind words!

This is one of the most LGBT-friendly teams in the country.  In 2006, Temple Men's Gymnastics became one of the first varsity sports teams to attend a number of fundraisers supporting gay athletes.  Included in that support were conservative southern guys and a very religious Mormon guy -- the team fostered an atmosphere where we all supported each other and bridged the gaps between our political and social beliefs.  I can't say enough amazing things about these guys and the example they've set for being strong advocates for the LGBT community.  

We'd love your support and hope you'll buy the calendars to show support.  Of course, the pictures will be great.  But most importantly, it's a great cause too.  :)

Jeepers! Can't play the video! 

You GO Bois !!!!!!!!  Kepp Rocking ON !

Those are behind the scenes shots.  We literally just shot it this weekend and have over 4000 amazing pictures to go through.

More pictures will be released in a couple of weeks.  You won't be disappointed.  If you'd like a video teaser, here you go:

Pictures from the calendar would help sell it.

Can you please update the story to include as the site where calendars can be purchased?  They'll be on sale March 1, but we're taking pre-orders until then.  Thanks!!!

- Clay

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