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Atlanta News Anchor Smacks Down The Coca Cola 'America' Ad Haters

By now we've all seen the bizarre explosion of hate that many Americans have spewed following Coca Cola's multi-lingual, multicultural and gay-inclusive Super Bowl ad. Who knew a rendition of "America The Beautiful" could have so many ignorant people foaming at the mouth?

Well, Atlanta news commentator Brenda Wood of WXIA, decided to give us the last word and we think her commentary is pretty damn brilliant.

Sing it, Brenda!

All of this vitriol over a song penned by a lesbian. Go figure. 

What do you think of Brenda's remarks, Instincters?


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Everyone is entitled to there opinion damit, Stop this craziness. piss and moan, piss and moan..

I so agree, this country is the land of the FREE, not the oppressed land like Russia. I loved the Coke commercial and hope the break sales records this year!!

Who gives a shit!  Get a life, all of of ya. 

This is NOT your national anthem. Dios Mio. 

It's a non issue. Unfortunately, there'll always be ignorant hateful people in the world. What I *do* find *extremely* amusing is inevitably, the people crying "ENGLISH!" are also the the ones with the weakest grasp of it.

UNFORTUNATELY, this country still has a lot of close minded people who think if you are not a white, heterosexual are nothing!!!!!  Well, it's time for those people to join the HUMAN race who live in the 21st century...take your head out of your a-- and live your life and let others live theirs and learn to get along and stop being so critical and judgemental.  And for those who want to hide behind GOD and use him as their shield.......only one GOD and he made us ALL, whatever sex, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, so talk to him about your issues and see what he/she tells you!!!!  Thanks Brenda....

Brenda.. an American anthem should be sung in English... I know we are a sum of our parts, but lately those parts had decided the do not have to learn to speak English... Our fore father learned the language and followed the laws... Here is South a Florida or as many call it North Cuba... One in three do not bother with a license, insurance or registration... 

Welcome the the United States... Speak English and follow our laws... Or go home!

This is not the national anthem. Our fore fathers BROUGHT the language with them. The language of the land when they arrived was various American Indian languages. 

It's understandable what you say, but for the same token to pick vegetables in a farm, to work in a factory, to wash our cars etc etc.. we don't need to speak, as long as we are working is all that matters.

How many americans drive without a lic or DUI of alcohol or drugs and cause all sorts of accidents because they don't follow the laws and when they break them they call it " snapping" or "not mentally competent"  "stress" or some "mental disorder" and end up in a  county jail, and US hard working non-english speaking immigrants have to work our butts off to pay our taxes and support all those law breakers and to top it off we support their mates on welfare and GR as welll.. Forefathers worked very hard for their money and began from zero so you really can't compare... 

Do your research...please

I am sorry, how can you say that this is not beautiful? It is a beautiful song, sung by beautiful voices and these women honored both their country and their heritage by singing this song in their native tongue. If you recall, English is not our native language. There were people here before us. Not to mention, the colonies from France, Spain etc did not speak English. 

This person doesn't even use correct English... break out the red pen on this mess...

Our "fore father" learned the language and followed the laws??! Wrong. They BROUGHT the language over here, they were speaking it before they arrived! Crawl back under your rock, James. And bring a book or two with you!

the germans, italians, french, spanish and others had to learn english.

That's absurd. They most likely already knew English. It's common for Europeans to be multi lingual, especially with regards to the languages of the nations in extremely close proximity of theirs. You are aware that they have the same currency?

You do know, that's where the English language comes from? Its a mutt language. Deal with the fact that United States has different cultures and languages.


Watch the GOP/Fox cliches, Michael. It's tiresome, and not nice to label.

The people foaming in rage over the Coke ad refuse to be fact-checked any more than the GOP or Fox News (yeah, I know...I mentioned those two as if they were separate entities).

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