Attacker Pulls Gun On Gay Men At Memphis Zoo

A gay man and his friends were enjoying a visit to the Memphis Zoo on Tuesday, when they were attacked by homophobes.

Reginald Buckner, 23, explains that he was punched and beaten in the face after a man asked him if and his friends if they were gay.

He tells WMC Action News 5:

"They just asked all of us were we gay and we were like 'yeah' and they say 'you know you're going to hell right?'

Buckner says the incident took place near the Zoo's Cat Cafe dining area, after two women asked him if they could borrow his cell phone, and he told them no.

He explains that soon after the women joined by a few men, the homophobic comments started to flow, and punches were thrown.

Said Buckner:

"They just started out of nowhere physically assaulting." 

Things escalated further when, according to the police report, one of the attackers flashed a gun. 

WMC reports:

After hearing someone shout 'gun', zoo visitors started scrambling. 

"That's what made everyone start running away when they had the gun," Buckner said. "When she lifted up the gun everybody just started running."

The pain from the beating landed Buckner in the emergency room. His back was bruised and his face was swollen with a black eye.

By the time Memphis police arrived on scene, the attackers had already fled.

Buckner says he can't understand why someone was allowed to bring a gun into the zoo.

"I am just literally just disgusted by them period. Because of the simple fact that they want to search everyone everywhere else. Why don't they want to search at the zoo for weapons."

On Wednesday, Memphis Zoo issued the following statement:

This was an isolated incident. The safety of all of our guests is of utmost importance and one of our top priorities. This matter is currently being handled by the Memphis Police Department. 

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Being a woman does not make you any special than being a man and viceversa but how come that guy is so dumb and acts weak just because he is "gay".

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