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Attorney Representing Bryan Singer Accuser Is Dropping Client

BuzzFeed is exclusively reporting that they've obtained documents outlining a settlement in the Bryan Singer sexual abuse case brought by accuser Michael Egan. 

But, according to a “memorandum of settlement” obtained by BuzzFeed, Singer agreed in June to settle the case for $100,000, with a provision binding the parties to confidentiality. The document appears to be signed by Singer, his attorney Martin Singer (no relation), and Jeff Herman, the attorney for the accuser.

But Michael Egan, the man suing Singer, did not sign the document, and told BuzzFeed that he never agreed to the settlement.

“This exact kind of take-it-and-shut-up deal is why I decided to stand up in the first place,” he said. “Being silenced goes completely against what I believe in and offers no protection for other vulnerable children.”

Egan verified the authenticity of the documents to BuzzFeed

Egan's decision not accept the alleged settlement offer may have also played a role in the deteriorating relationship between him and his attorney Jeff Herman. Herman released a statement to BuzzFeed revealing that he's dropping Egan as a client.

Herman writes:

"We are in the process of withdrawing from representing Mr. Egan in all his cases and have no further comment concerning his matters at this time. We cannot comment on any actual or purported documents that may or may not be or reflect privileged or confidential communications.”

As for why Singer would agree to the settlement, his attorney Martin Singer explains to BuzzFeed:

“Egan is the one who approached us,” he said. Because the sum amounted to significantly less than the millions it would likely have taken to fight the case, Martin Singer said, “from a business perspective we said we would consider” the settlement offer.


In May, Martin Singer filed a motion to have Egan’s suit dismissed; that case is still pending in federal court in Hawaii. He said he expects the motion to be decided in his client’s favor, after which they will sue Egan for malicious prosecution.

“Once we prevail, we intend to go after Mr. Egan,” he said.

Thoughts on these latest developments, Instincters?


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So, I feel it's only fair to point out that Bryan Singer directed a film called "Apt Pupil."  And, that they had to refilm the high school shower scene because the original scene used minors.  The underage boys were wearing some kind of covering over their genitals that could supposedly be seen by the camera.  

"GET 'EM OFF!" is what was yelled at the minors when they hesitated to remove their suits.  

So, you had adults (who knew better) staring at & filming naked underage boys while their parents were being held in another location.  Apparently, "Hollywood Magic" can't hide minimal genital coverings when people want their demands met.  

LGBT friendly attorney Gloria Allred was able to defend the boys in court.  

There's also supposed to be a creepy "casting couch" for minors in Hollywood.  Corey Feldman & the late Corey Haim talked about it on their reality show years ago.  A "Hollywood Mogul" had violated Haim's trust back when he was a child star.  

So, if you can think of a guy who always seems to have at least one 12-14 year old boy in just about every movie he makes, you may be onto something.  

And, unless they were drugged, I'm sure any possible victims will be able to graphically describe the genitals of their alleged molester in court.  


As for "Apt Pupil" they were taken to court and Singer won! It was found out the kid was lying and backed down when the studio agreed to go to court and fight the charges. Ian McKellan mentioned that in an interview he did for the movie.


I always thought Egan was lying and this just proves it. He's the one who made the offer not Singer. Then when it was made he twists it around and accuses Singer of trying to buy him out. Obviously this was an attempt to squeeze even MORE money out of Singer. Sad. His lawyer is right to dump him.

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