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Audio: Lady Gaga Debuts Seven New 'ARTPOP' Tunes

Lady Gaga gave fans a big taste of ARTPOP yesterday at the iTunes Festival in London! Mother Monster performed her first full show since her tour ended prematurely due to a hip injury.

The newly debuted tunes include the album's title track, "ARTPOP," "Aura," "MANiCURE," "Sex Dreams," "Swine," "Jewels & Drugs," and "I Want To Be With You."

Give them a listen!

MTV UK has a breakdown of the show. Check it out here!

What do you think of the new Gaga music, Instincters? Did you see the show?


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Although I was left a with a slight feeling of awkwardness during Swine (which I'd very much like to hear in the studio version), I think the set of songs was very refreshing (including the choreography) and reminded me of The Fame -- and all the sticky-sweet songs that are pleasant to the ear, like ARTPOP, but I love that. I'm certainly hooked. And I'm glad she's sticking to DJ White Shadow, since he's done the best remix tracks of Gaga's music. From what I remember, she only used his remixes in her shows and Nicola's fashion show. I'd say she hit the right spot this time and reached out of the box of Pop Music - and to the right people - successfully. She did what she does best. 

I love this song!!!! Love you, GAGA!!!

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