Aussie Actor Matt Wilson Showcases His Amazing Cakes Down Under

Here's what to know about actor Matt Wilson.  One: he's on an Australian soap opera called Neighbours, which has been on the air down under for over thirty years now.  Two: The show starred Kylie Minogue back when it started, so they have some sort of connection together.  Three: He's incredibly handsome and has a great beard.  And finally, four: he's got a stellar ass and knows how to show it.

OMG Blog unearthed some pretty incredible photos of Matt totally naked on top of a rock and overlooking the beauty of his surroundings.

The only thing that we are really staring at, however, is his gorgeous and furry behind which makes me wonder if I can access Neighbours on the web to get a better glimpse of him in action.

Booty photos can be found here