Aussie With "Micro Penis" Mortgages Home To Pay For Bigger Organ

An Australian man identified as "Mike" is putting his home on the line to correct an all-around devastating but rare condition known as "micro penis." He's already poured $45,000 into a surgery that had promised to enlarge his penis and therefore soothe his psyche, but it came up short. 

“My penis is basically infant-sized,” "Mike" told ninemsn. “Pre-surgery, I was two to three centimeters (1 inch) flaccid and I’m now four centimeters (1.5 inches). My erection is probably around seven centimeters (2.75 inches).”

“It has prevented me from doing or experiencing a lot of things. I haven’t experienced proper relationships. I found it difficult to talk to girls. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 24 when I had a girlfriend for three months." 

"Mike," who is otherwise obviously in great shape, says he suffers from intense depression and bouts with bipolar disorder due to his penis size. He hopes that two more surgeries totaling near $70,000 will help him. 

As evidence that he's willing to do anything to move on to the next chapter in his life, "Mike" has even offered some of his brain power in exchange for a larger penis. 

“I’d happily be less intelligent, lose a few IQ points and have a bigger penis,” he says.

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Hello All:

I'm new to this blog but saw the article and wanted to relate a story. I have basically Mike's measurements but I don't have $100K to spend getting an enlargement so I've had to adapt with what I have. Not sure what kind of work Mike does but I come from a military police background and spent my active duty years in law enforcement. I also lifted weights and played sports and, yes, I had my share of embarrassing situations and awkward girlfriend moments (I also have the stereotypical large black Ford Super Duty truck). I once had a California license plate reading 2.5hard. My experience hasn't been all bad but my longest girlfriend relationship lasted 3 years and was based on my willingness to do work jobs for her and her mother like keeping their cars running and doing repair jobs. In return, she stayed with me in spite of my micro nub and somewhat bad boy reputation and questionable group of friends. Any rate, my experience could have been much worse.

I think what helped me over the years was overcoming the lack of confidence and fear of rejection I see in Mike's situation ( I know what that feels like). I did that by helping out women friends by making their ex boyfriends move on to other cities. I have the skills, police training, and gruff enough manners to dispel most would-be aggressors. I'm not suggesting my way is how Mike should solve his dilemma but that's how I handled it for better or worse.

I wish the best for Mike and hope his surgery goes well. I would just tell him to consider other options before shelling out 100 grand.

I get it... i struggle the with the same.  I'm just slightly bigger than he describes (3.5" hard).  Fortunately I'm a bottom but I also have Ulcerative Colitis which makes my butt unpredictable and unusable most of the time.  Try discussing that with even someone more important than a one night stand.  You'll go thru 100s of dates before you find someone that can tolerate that you are 1) a small guy in the front and don't top and 2) you can't always put out from the back cause you have "disgusting issues" in the rear.  What you end up with is another small guy that is into scat.  blah. 

I've read a lot of the comments here and I think some of you don't understand the mental impact and struggle he must be going thru being straight an unable to sustain a girlfriend. 

I've got options.  I used to be the best damn bottom.  Now I can't really do either and enjoy it.  I probably should mortgage my house too.  I'll settle for consistent digestion right now though.  I'm still under 40 but think I'm retired from sex!  

how tragic. he might as well turn over and get his ass rung out, as nobody likes an ugly, surgically enhanced dick.

the women who wanna bee men and have those fake inflatable cocks grafted from their own body skin is pathetic.

freaks like this need to be plucked from society and incinerated.

?????What makes you think that's him in the pic??????

I see no indication anywhere in the article that that is him.

What a totally HOT AWESOME physique you have!  Being a top, that would more than make up for penis size.  You're not making a connection because you're assuming that's a big deal to everyone, 

Ah yes, the grinding wheel weighing down on Gay life -- dick size.  Read all these comments, some are reasonable, displaying caring and compassion.  Others look upon this topic as an opportunity to enlighten us as to their enormous dick size:  'Yeah, my dick's so big, when I'm at the beach I make three tracks in the sand.'  LOL I just bet it does.  Here's a real good generalization for you, the bigger the dick, the smaller the brain. Seems to be true, judging by some of these comments.  

Quite honestly, the most manly men I've known might have been amply endowed by nature, but did not make a "big" deal about it. If bragging about your member is of primary importance to you, you are telling everyone quite a bit more about yourself than you think.  You are letting everyone know that is the ONLY thing about you that has any value.  

There's so much more to sex than penetration. Oral,body contact, kissing, etc. My current boyfriend and I never have penetrative sex and I can honesty say it's never felt better for me.  If I were single I  would definitely date this guy, micro-penis and all. Wouldn't even bother me. 

The important thing, I would think, is to own that shit. People can't hurt you with what you already accept about yourself. Just get really, really good in bed in other areas. 

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Mike! I know my thoughts & prayers are with you & I am happy to support you in any way I can! Best of luck with your surgeries & recovery! Have faith, Mike! You are worthwhile with or without a bigger penis (not that it hurts to have a bigger one, right?). Much love! Steve

I thought all Aussies were big

I thought all Aussie were big

If he is straight or gay he most likely thinks he is a top so a micro is very bad...If he is gay and doesn't bottom then get the surgery, it may help a little bit.   If he is straight I hope he gives good head otherwise...

I'd top him gladly. He's gorgeous.....I quite like smaller penis. Love the difference.

Yeah. Get the surgery. Make sure it's a damned good doctor. 

poor gjy will be living by everyone else's perception of wbo and what is gorgeous and loveable and not his own. For ever he will be living n everne else's notion of what happy healthy sexy and kind lokk and feel like and that's WAY much sadder than loving yourself and being who and what you are. Fat chicks prance around proud and you should too. Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Sorry, but there is no way I could be in a relationship with someone with this condition.  I just couldn't find them sexually attractive.  Not everyone feels this way and he just needs to find someone who can accept his disorder.  He should try online dating and share the condition so he receives responses from people who know prior to the big reveal. (No pun intended.)

The penis isn't everything but society makes it so. Of course he's gonna be depressed. The tricky part is not to make it just larger, but that it can sustain a hardon too. He doesn't complain about his nuts, so they must be normal sized. At least he has that. I know, males take pride in their organ usually.

he needs to come to grips with his reality that he was meant to be a subservant cum dump for our big hairy cocks. cut all that shit off and be done with it.

Yea but he ain't gay, he doesn't wanna play pussy for anyone

This is probably why being gay was considered a sin. If we could all get along and accept each other and play nice it would be one thing. But gay men are cruel, shallow, and judgemental-just look at these comments. You're basically all in agreement for reducing a mans value to the size of his penis? Really? Nothing else matters but that cock? If anything, I think you're the real freaks who should try to get a little help. My best guess is most of you are alone and wondering why. Well there's your reason. 

Most of us are not alone and wondering why. Also, people who comment on micro-penis related articles on the internet are not a reliable source for broad generalizations. Don't be ignorant. 

Also, a lot of the gays have said they wouldn't care. You're just reading selectively because you were homophobic to begin with.

I think your right most of these people r very superficial...

Its a medical condition so shouldnt healt insurance pay fpr it? Its just like wemen with boobs that are so big they cant function through the day bc it hirts their backs... my girl has a medical condition like that... one if her boobs is significatly smaller then the other, one is almost a dd and the other is a.. i dont think any less of her but the doctos will fix the problem on insurance bc its a medical condition

Met up with a guy one time. He was in the hot tub when I got there so when I reached over to get a feel, didn't feel hardly anything. Hard it was the size of my pinky finger. I didn't really care though, he was a bottom.

Thank god I'm hung like a horse.

lol oh really now.  tell us more.

How Did all this become about Big Al, and every ones giant penis....Poor guy needs a penis, Medical Should pay for it.. It is very sad... Not good for The Male Ego, or Self Esteem.. Who the Fuck wants to be a Porn Star.. Fund would be good sent to His Doctor.. His Doctor Should do this Free of Charge .. If He really cared!!

I suppose doctors should do everything for free if they really cared

shut up

Was intimate with a guy once who obviously had the same issue. About an inch long, maybe less, it could've been a large clitoris.I felt so bad for him and could only imagine the humiliation he must go through so I did my best to act like nothing was wrong.

I am a little guy and don't have a big one either, but I understand him, it can hurt when someone judges you. I liked a guy a lot and after we had sex he wasn't into me anymore and I felt like maybe its my penis he didn't like. But we all need to accept the things we can't help and hopefully for him he will do what makes him happy for himself.

If you are petit and your dick isn't big, then isn't that proportionate? You probably look normal because of your proportion. Petit men are more huggable and are a hell of a lot of fun in bed

The answer to your question is,
You must find true love..
True love accepts everything...

Well, gosh. Easy peesy then. 

He surely appreciates the detailed roadmap on how to fix his problem. 

Poor guy. I really do feel sorry for him. That would fuck with one's head!  I have always counted my blessings that I am above average!

Really? Size shouldn't matter...and we can sit around all day holding each other's hands sipping cosmos debating, but size does matter. It's mental. Loves not mental, it's emotional, so these two topics are irrelevant to one another. We all want a big penis to feel up on, or down the back of our throats. If your too small, you won't fit in with the alpha males.

Not exactly. I'm actually drawn to guys with smaller ones.

I don't have a big mouth. What would I do with a big penis? Just lick it like a popsicle? That's no fun.

I'm thinking, just if I could give segments of my penis to benefit others, until mine got down to a manageable size, we would all have won.

I'm speechless.


Trust me I'm the same size and it is the worst feeling in the world.Seems like I am just unloveable. I have a huge heart but that never seems to come into play.. Wish I could only have a chance with love..I am a bottombutility most gay guys are as well. Some times I feel that god must really hate me..

I'm a gay bottom and I would date a guy with a micro-penis. There are lots of ways to have sex. It honestly wouldn't affect my decision at all. My current boyfriend is pretty huge but he's not into anal so we do other things. It's not a big deal. I love him so we can express that in all sorts of ways. I know it's tough...people can be really mean. But if you're honest about it and own it and instead spend time getting really good at other types of sexual expression it will be okay, you'll find someone.

God doesn't hate you. I am willing to bet you just haven't met someone who is really cool.

First of all nobody hates are loved and not alone. I dont even know you and I love you. Also, there are plenty of tops out there...dont EVER be afraid of who you are. "I see you, i hear you, and what you say matters to me." -Oprah Winfrey

What the f is a micro penis?  I'll top or bottom  Doesn't matter to me I like it both ways.  My cock is fat, cut, big.  That why they call me Big Al.  I've seen a lot of dick in my day and I'm 43 years old.  Personally, I like meaty ones to the long pencil dick ones. Big cocks do nothing for me.  Most of you don't how to use your cocks  I want a normal 7 inch dick erect.  Not some freakish 11 inch monster looking circus freak. 

He should start a kickstarter - i'd donate ten bucks so he can have a bigger man should suffer this.

I have a small penis, I wouldn't say its micro. It is probably 2 inches flaccid and 5 inches hard, 6 if I am really horny and loaded.  I have had my experiences where the guy seemed like he wasn't really getting any pleasure out of my dick in his ass, guys like that just want to feel something big stretch them out. Sometimes I do wish it was bigger, and think of how much wilder and hotter sex would be if I was just horse hung, but it is what it is and I have not let it keep me from living life and having my experiences. When the guy is generally into me he seems to really enjoy my dick too. The guys that are all "IM a top Im a top" end up hopping on my dick when they see it like it's irresistible to them, and it makes me feel good.

Who told you 5 is small. Silly

 size doesn't count in a relationship. Love is the major factor.  

Well as far as loving someone goes, you don't need sex to love someone, but we are sexual beings with needs and desires and how lame is it that you can satisfy the person you love sexually or even yourself because of biological shortcomings completely out of your hands. Love enriches sex but it doesn't replace it. 

But does it need to be sex to keep a longer and harmonious relationship? Hmmm

Yes, it does. I would rather be alone than be in a sexually​ dysfunctional relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way, Kitay. I can only imagine how frustrated and lonely this poor fellow be be. I really hope it is well accomplished. good luck to him.

I'd gladly donate an inch of mine to ya mate , I get told it's a few too many sometimes which is annoying stupid how bodies can be made like this 

Dammm ur sexxy id be with u. Its not all abouy sex cheer up mate

Would really like to talk. I HAVE the same problem.. I HAVE been so ashamed I HAVE never talked to any one on this issue. Not even the doc. I am gay and trust me it dosnt make anything any easier..Inneed some one to talk with. Please

You must learn to love yourself unconditionally. 

The outer is only the shell. It's what's inside that is the most valuable. 

Mine is nothing to brag abut either but, over time, I've learnt to love every inch of the body that God gave me. And the right man will too.

Hey ....probably I will sound kinda cheese but size doesn't a lot of thinks you can do ......I IIIIII would like to talk to you. I'm gay big dick.....small size but happy

Buttsex hurts, it's probably a good thing you're small. All seriousness, good luck.

Is still a virgin :-) I so badly want to have sex... My BUTT needs a dick!

I would like a chance to ttalk with you one on one.. I can relate to you. I never would go in for a physical because of this issue. It is-was a total shame. Thought I had done nothing wrong, and stillifeel the same way.I am gay but it dosnt make it any easier..

There are some girls that don't care about the physical appearance as long as you are being true,honest, loyal and responsible to them.
They are whore and bitch if they just broke up with you just because of that..
Don't lose hope!..

If ever that was a secret of my boyfriend, I will just accept because I LOVE HIM.

From a Point of view of a girl

Shut up this is s gay page no one wants your point of view of a girl here. This is M2M. Get a fucking clue! Jesus Fucking Christ.

Get a fucking grip dude.

She's just trying to help. No one tells you to put down a copy of Vogue because it's not a male oriented mag, so chill the fuck out.

LOL, I loved your response to that bitchy queen.  Awesome!  Christ, some of these embittered fags are so nasty! :)  

Constantly hearing about Gays not being accepted and how hard it is to feel valued and all that bullshit and then one woman comes along with a comment that doesn't even disagree with anything you lot are saying - and you shut her down because she has a vagina? Ha! Equal rights my ass!  

Ah buddy! Don't be speaking  for all of us. If you have problems with  someone having an opinion  speak for yourself    and judging from this nasty comment  get some therapy. (lol)

There is only so much Dr's can do with something that lacking in tissue. If I could find a creative plastic surgeon I'd 3d print a penis grow tissue on it, and attach it to him.

They do it with ears, why not dick?

I just HOPE

I just home his Penis still functions after these surgeries. what if he looses the ability to get an erection and no longer gets pleasure from his penis can no longer climax and ejaculate 

It is definitely harder for him being straight since he has an amazing body but girls would pass him off as a freak or laugh at him for having such a small penis.  At least if he were gay he could be a bottom, if that was what he was in to.  I feel bad for him and I really hope he finds finds happiness and some psychological help.  I can't even imagine the stress and depression he is feeling and the feeling of rejection too. 

"Mike" needs a good understanding friend as well. He is cute!! shame he's straight!!

I completely agree. I wouldn't mind dating him if he were gay.

For a long time I was unhappy about the way I looked.  My skin was too dark, my tummy a little too flabby, and my teeth weren't straight enough.  Guys were only interested in me until I showed them what I had between my legs.  When the novelty wore off they stopped answering the calls/returning text.  Later after I found the gym and got braces (can't do anything about that skin color) I gained confidence in myself.  Sounds like he's doing something that will give him some confidence also.  

The pic used is not the guy in question so you can all stop salivating

Anthony, not that it matters, but since you say this picture is not the guy. Do you think they just posted this picture so he would not be seen for privacy?

If this is a real article, you never know what you read or hear these days. I hope it all works out for him. Wow lots of money. I could never afford that. I am not well endowed either. I wonder if that is why I have never been able to get a partner? I am gay.

You probably haven't found a partner because of chemistry. Look around you. People come in all shapes and sizes and most of them have someone. If you tend to be picky, good for you. That way you won't find yourself settling for a doozie

Being born intersexed I can relate. I suffer from the same condition, at least he didn't have breast to be removed too, in addition to the other surguries. But there is true love for him too, then that person won't care. It happened for me.

what im not sure people understand is that it isnt just short it is also incredibly thin and lacking muscle volume.

Great body , live what G- d gave you.
Except what you have and move on.

Oh...... The stupid...... It burns......

I would join him.  I'm only 5 inches, and rather thin.  When I am soft, I look like an 8 year old.  It's awful; going to the gym is a challenge, wearing a speedo requires stuffing.  I hate being the small guy.  I'd do the surgery, and I'd be interested in knowing what can be done for him............

5 inches and thin. That's not bad. It's what you do with it that matters really.

We all know logically that "size doesn't matter" but if we are honest we all would admit that on another level it DOES....even if only in our own minds. 

In our culture no one brags about having a smaller endowment but they do brag about being hung like a horse!  It's an unspoken understanding among guys....if my penis makes me a man then more penis must make me more manly.

Sadly penis size is one of those things we have no control over...I wish our thinking as a culture would change.


Just me a bottom 

He's freaking hot. I wouldn't care how big it is.

Yes you would after the rush of his looks wore off. You're superficial, so why wouldn't size matter in time to you?

Shut up he says he wouldn't care than he wouldn't care.

With so much societal pressure on men to be more "masculine" and that includes penis size, things like this can be utterly devastating. I genuinely feel for him... I hope that he's able to get the surgical assistance he needs so that he can be more balance, happy, and healthy. It is a shame that it costs so much money just so that you can lead a happy life. I wish society didn't put so much emphasis on such things, but it does and there is certainly no end in sight for that.

It's not the size of the ocean it's the motion in the ocean.with some women . "Yeah some ladies like a big piece of steel but it is some women out there who likes it small He just needs to find the right women.

it ain't all about the size of the BOAT, it's about the motion in the ocean (or loosely translated) it's not the size of the wand, but the way the magician twirls it...

Maybe so. But it takes a hell of a long time to get to England in a row boat!

I wish him all the best for the future.

Wishing him well. I hope he gets emotional help too.

I have a small penis, not at this extent, but I relate. It was hard for me, specially in the gay community, where body worshipping seems like the thing to do. I faced several hardships through this, until I found a loving partner, who now is my husband for 10 + years. Guys can be really mean, and destroy a man´s psyche so easy. I am very handsome, and have an average body, but that was always on my mind when meeting new people, is like missing a limb, or you feel deformed ... I am not going through this surgeries, for sure, even thou I am a top ... I prefer love over body ... 

The best things come in smaller packages. Dude, when I have sex, I wanna feel like I'm having sex...not like I'm giving birth

If I am going to bottom, I would much rather have a smaller one than a larger one. Besides, they're easier to suck (swallow?)!

With smaller, you can do it more often and not become too sore

This is a huge subject in his mind. I bet if he simply didn't mind, he would find plenty of women who also didn't care. Who do you fall in love with, the man or his cock?

I feel bad that he is going through all this! He is beautiful as a man and smart. I see his point of view, but that's not all life is about(penis size) I respect his decision on surgery, but he needs to get some professional help as well. Maybe he can start a donation for his cause. I would contribute. Wish him the best!


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