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Austin 'Former' Gay Bar Accused Of Turning Away Gay Customers

Red Room, a known gay bar in Austin, Texas, recently changed ownership and apparently the new owners want a different kind of clientele. 

Former Red Room bartender John Moon explains that the bar located on the "gay strip" in Austin was a welcoming gay establishment. KHOU reports:

On Friday July 19, however, Moon says that all changed when the owners brought in a new promoter.

“They pulled all the bartenders in the back and they said, 'Well, we're not going to call this a gay bar anymore, we're going to call it a straight bar,'" Moon said.


Gay patrons were apparently kicked out of the bar that night. Though the owners now maintain that the bar had been rented out for a private party and those patrons were the ones who kicked the gay customers out, Moon maintains that a Facebook invitation called the evening a "Grand Opening" that would continue for several weekends. 

KHOU writes:

The owners say there was a new dress code enforced that night, but Moon says it was enforced unfairly.

“They said no shorts, no hats, no this... But then they were letting people in with shorts and letting people in with hats. They were turning gay people away just for being gay." He says he went to find security and heard the “door guy say word for word, ‘This is not a gay bar anymore, you're not welcome. You can't come in.’”

That's when Moon decided to leave, and he was fired the next day.

“I can't morally respect myself and be okay with this and stay here and work for you when you're turning all of my people away. You opened up a bar on 4th Street in the gay strip. You can't do this to people."


Damn straight. We hope this story makes the rounds in Austin and patrons, gay and straight alike, steer clear of the discriminatory venue. 

You don't get away with this kind of crap in 2013.


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