Austin Transgender Drag Queen Raped By Man Wielding Hammer

Christi Long,  a transgender woman who performs as drag queen Christi Foxx Paris in Austin, Texas shares her harrowing experience of being raped and beaten with a hammer at the hands of a many she thought was a friend. The assult occurred at her south Austin home. 

Long gave details of the assault:

“I said ‘no.’ I pushed him off of me,” explained Long, who said she became angry. “I raised my voice. I got really loud and I got deep with my voice. I wanted to have a powerful voice because I wanted to scare him out of my house.”

Long told KXAN News he wouldn’t leave.

“I asked him to leave several times. He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t leave my house, and he told me he wouldn’t leave until he was done,” she said.

Her injuries required 12 staples to the back of her head.

“I started to get up and whenever I started to get up, he goes, ‘If you get up, I’m going to smash your face in,’ and he’s holding that hammer,” said Long. She says it’s not clear how many times her attacker struck the back of her head with the hammer.

In and out of consciousness, Long says she was somehow able to escape and run down the stairs.

“I started waking up and I started realizing all these things that just happened to me,” said Long. She told herself, “I gotta get out of here or else I’m gonna die.”

Long says the first thing she did was grab a knife in the kitchen, in case she needed to defend herself. When the man didn’t follow her immediately, Long says she realized she had to get out of the house to get away from him.

“I just ran out the door, just naked,” she explained. “I was holding the knife still and then I was going to run to my neighbor’s house two doors down.”

But she didn’t make it there. Long says she saw her attacker’s vehicle still parked outside her house. She feared then that the man was going to get away.

“‘I’m not going to let this happen,’ she thought to herself. “I ran up to his car and I slashed his tire, and then I was like, ‘he’s coming. I need to hide.'”

At that point, Long says she ran to her backyard and hid behind her fence until she saw him leave. 

Long shares:

“Just because you’re turned down by a transsexual woman, does not give you reason to beat her in the back of the head with a hammer."

She encourages other survivors of sexual violence to come forward to the police.

“No matter what you identify as, you need to come forward if somebody sexually assaults you. You need to contact law enforcement,” she said. “Whenever you say ‘no,’ no means no and it should always mean no.”

Video from KXAN:

(H/T: Reddit)