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Australia Man Impersonated A Doctor For Months To Find A Boyfriend

An Australian man pretended to be a doctor at two hospitals to impress male staff members.

25-year-old Nicholas Brett Delaney is the man in question who visited Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in South Brisbane between the months of May and December.

Supposedly, he started by grabbing a blue children’s health lanyard and asked staff to both refer to him as Dr Nick Delaney and give him access to secure areas.

Delaney later admitted to the Courier Mail that he was doing it to impress male staff members in hopes of getting a boyfriend.

But obviously the ruse didn’t last long. Staff started to catch on when Delaney kept mispronouncing medical terms.

After being arrested, Delany pleaded guilty on this past Thursday to two counts of entering a premises with intent and one of attempted fraud.

That said, since Delany didn’t have a lawyer, the Magistrate decided to hold off on sentencing him.

Magistrate Stuart Shearer said, “You shouldn’t underestimate the seriousness of your offenses.”

“It’s hardly a trivial offense to be impersonating a doctor in a children’s hospital over an extended period of time.”

Delaney could be facing jail time and will find out on January 29th.

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