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Australia Prayed Away The Gay?

The Australian pastor who became an international symbol of embarrassment after handing his ass handed to him by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is claiming victory after asking his sheeple to pray away the gay marriage supporter. 

"On national television on Monday 2 September, I asked a question of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd about his sudden change to support homosexual marriage," said Pastor Matt Prater. "Mr. Rudd, who claims to be a Christian, tried to dismiss the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:5 supporting man-woman marriage in the Bible. The YouTube clip of the 4-min incident went viral, as did an article in Australia's national newspaper, The Australian, titled 'Judas Kiss'. Tony Abbott, said during the Australian Christian Lobby webcast before the election, 'I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.' Seven days later God heard our prayers and your prayer and there was a change of government. A miracle has occurred. A victory has been won, but the battle is far from over. We thank you for your continuing prayers." 

The anti-gay Tony Abbott became Australia's Prime Minister over the weekend after a contentious campaign and close race against Rudd. 

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