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Australian Actor Harry Cook Comes Out Via YouTube

22-year-old Aussie actor Harry Cook has come out as gay via YouTube.

Cook is better known for his work over in Australia--he previously played Geena Davis's son in the 2010 Australian drama, Accidents Happen--but that doesn't mean we can't show him a little love here in the States!

Cook admits that he was afraid of making the video based on his concerns over how it would impact his career and the ability of directors and decision-makers to see him in straight roles, but he's confident in his abilities and the work that he's done so far, so he's taking the leap!

Check out Cook's coming out video:

The truth will set you free, Harry! 

Who's next?


Image Source (H/T: NNN via Gay Star News)


Thanks for all the sweet comments (except for a few).

Really means so much.

I'm on Twitter if you're unsure if it's the real me:

​Thanks again for all the support.

Really means a lot.


No one gives a fuck

Very proud of him, and happy for him. And if you can't be mature and show a little support (KevDobbinsBham) then shut the hell up and keep your negativity in the closet where you should have stayed. Any decent person wants to lift other up, not tear them down. Coming out is an important moment in a person's life. Especially someone who lives in the spotlight, their every move scrutinized. So I say here's to his honesty and I wish him the best of luck.

So exhausting to pretend...good example for kids considering suicide .

Like everyone didn't already know this.

Aren't you all as sick as I am of this whole COMING OUT thing??!!


I know  you most likely wont see this  but thank you for being honest it will show the younger people that its okay thank you again Harry you rock. David D

Well done Harry. It takes a real man to face his truth and to verbalize it to the world. The relief one experience from standing for who you are and for being yourself is the best there is. No one can take that away from you. May your career grow stronger and stay awesome as you are.

you know love is love the love  that all

We Love You Harry and support you 100%.  You can feel the love!!!  We are with you!!

The thing that amazes me is that we make such a big deal about people who are gay playing straight characters but never take it the they converse: a straight actor playing a gay character. If you are gonna pigeon hole one you should be prepared to pigeon hole the other. On that note congratulations Harry and look forward to seeing you work stateside.

Congratulations, sweetie!

You have so much beautiful courage, and you're so adorable as well.

Adorable!  Congrats for being true to yourself.  I came out when I was 19. 

Well put mate!  You just be who you are and the love will follow!

AMAZING...Good on ya!  (oh and SO cute! your boyfriend is also!)

I supprot you man. I know how you feel nd i am glad for you.

Coming out is never easy not even today. It takes tremendous courage and bravery. BRAVO Harry!

It should Be easy

Is soo easy to come out these days but that is a good thing

Good for you, Harry!!!


"Life's too short to be anything but yourself"
HAHA, coming from an actor whose job is anything but being yourself..


CUTE and BRAVE !! Marry me Harry !!

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