Australian Snowboarder Comes Out To Take A Stand Against Sochi

Belle Brockhoff, an Australian snowboarder and Olympic hopeful, has come out of the closet as gay as a protest to Russia's anti-gay law that is plaguing the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. 

"I have a feeling that I would have to kinda go back into the closet a little bit because I don't want to risk my, like, you know, safety, being arrested or deported," Belle says when asked about going to the Olympics after coming out. "I want to be able to compete and live my dream and become an Olympian. That's always what I've wanted to do. ... I honestly find it a little bit disrespectful and a little bit sad not only to me but to other athletes and it's my dream, and I want to be able to be who I am, I want to be proud of who I am and be proud of all the work I've done to get into the Olympics and not have to deal with this kind of law."

Head here to watch an Aussie interview with Belle.

(Via Towleroad)